You must be lying

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Hey folks, I am one of the reputable figure all over the world, I have got plenty of lands, hefty amount of money in my Bank Account, I can claim myself to be one of the most renowned business figures in the world. Impressed? Hahaha. Well you all must be thinking that I am lying, and tell you what, yes I'm definitely lying. Whats the big deal if I lied ? Whats bad in it!

Nowadays, lying has become so habitual and common that we don't take it as a wrong act. We see people lying in all fields, not only outside of home, but inside home as well. People have become so accustomed to it that they use this habit so often for their own benefits no matter if it causes any sort of suffering or discomfort to others. Big businesses have established themselves as a result of pure hardwork but they certainly could not have emerged as successful businesses if they hadn't used the tool of lying to some extent. Sad, but it is a bitter reality. 

We see entrepreneurs, suited elegantly and behaving well, but at the same time, we see the same people lying often times to save their reputation, to save the integrity of their businesses, to help maintain their clientele. Not only at the professional level, habit of lying is found within ourselves too. No matter who you are, what ever you do, we all have become slaves of lying, infact we don't say truth much but we utter lie more often, sad is this reality, but that is how it goes mate.

Lying is considered to be a big sin, in almost every religion. No religion would allow its followers to lie. Lying has its serious consequences. It is a well known saying that a lier causes his face to become pallid, his health deteriorates, he gets stucked in different problems, moreover he finds it difficult to cover up his lie as he has to tell more lies in order to prove his truthfulness .

The sad part is that, despite of knowing all what is bad and what is right for us, we have engrossed ourselves in the worldly affairs to such an extent, that we have almost forgotten the teachings of our religion, the principles of life, the good and bad deeds, and we are just busy in the worldly affairs that we never pay attention to improving our souls, we all have one common goal in life, to earn huge amounts of cash, to buy big houses, to settle ourselves financially. 

We have ignored those very attributes that are essential for building our humanitarian facets, empathetic attitude, sensible outlook and truthful character, as without these characteristics you might be able to build a huge astonishing castle, but you won't you be able to succeed in the life hereafter.

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