Lydian Lion A Centralized token with global usage through a social interface with content loaded linked applications

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I have owned a smartphone from a young age, the same as every other person in the world currently. Smartphones have managed to become a part of our lives because we can do almost anything on these smart devices from making voice calls, video calls, sending messages, accessing our social media platforms among others. People rarely take their eyes away from their smartphones even at events that are meant to be social.

These days, when I attend a family dinner or go out for a picnic with my friends, there is less interaction and more smartphone time. This is something that is supposed to change and it is imperative that human beings go back to their social selves, before any smart device or the internet was ever created. As I was carrying out my usual research, I came across this amazing platform which is aiming at minimizing the effective use of electronic devices.


Lydian Lion is a blockchain-based project which is going to help humans return back to the basics by making solutions to passively use electronic devices and earn rewards as a result. As a user of the Lydian Lion platform, I will get rewarded for all types of activities that are connected to various parts of modern human society. When I take initiative to explore the surrounding area where I reside in various ways, I will receive rewards from the innovative Lydian Lion platform, which is honestly thought is quite fun.

Lydian Lion has future plans of increasing the rewards I earn directly through the platform and unlocking new features by making progress through the system. My biggest question when I first read about Lydian Lion was how I was going to be able to take my attention off my smart device and go interact with people. To ensure that that is possible, Lydian Lion is going to lock my smartphone through their own system while I get time to interact with someone in a private or public area.

I am intrigued by this initiative by Lydian Lion and I honestly cannot wait to become a part of this amazing ecosystem where I get rewarded for interacting and basically being human again. The world has so much to offer but as human beings, we barely have the chance to explore since the invention of the internet and electronic devices. I cannot remember the last time I decided to take a hike with my friends but I am convinced that with Lydian Lion, I will be distracted by my phone is locked and go out more and even rewards while at it, amazing right?


Lydian Lion is a project which is developed by individuals who still have a firm belief in returning back to our basics as humans and paying more attention to what is around us. I want to be a part of this ecosystem and so should you. Check out more on what the Lydian Lion platform has to offer from their website and other social media pages and make sure that you are not left behind by any development the project makes.

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