The Luzzattos - People of interest - Anne Luzzatto, Tamera Luzzatto & Anthony Luzzatto Gardner

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Podesta email

The email mentions Ruby…

Anne Luzzatto’s Facebook profile is of her grandchildren and her on a vacation in Venice.

Notice the comments – “Great photo…Ruby?”, “Looks like Venice!!!”
These are the children mentioned in the Podesta email:

Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.

Venice is also a favorite holiday destination for Tony Podesta, where I he has a vacation home which is mentioned in Heather and Tony’s divorce proceedings.

In the court filing, he accused her of sending letters to prominent museums asking them to block him from donating works of art and of changing the locks on their apartment in Venice, Italy, since the two separated.

Anne Luzzatto is not simply a grandmother. She is also a member of the elite CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). The CFR boasts many of richest and most powerful individuals in the US.

Other members include: Jeffrey Epstein, George Soros, Anthony Luzzatto Gardner

Tamera Luzzatto, former chief of staff for Hilary Clinton, is the person who sent the email about the “Farmer L Update” (above) to Podesta. She also is a member of the Pew Institute. She is evidently well acquainted with the Podestas.

Washington DC power couple: Tamera Luzzatto and David Leiter

I haven’t been able to determine if Tamera and/or Anne are related to Anthony Luzzatto Gardner the US ambassador to the European Union in anyway. He was appointed by Obama to the US Mission to the European Mission. His stated objective was to try to ‘conclude’ the TTIP agreement.

Nevertheless, Anne and Anthony are both not only members of the CFR but are also members of the National Security Council another highly influential group in Washington DC.

The NSC also has a program called

*Clarification: Anne Luzzatto was married to Francis Luzzatto and their marriage ended in divorce.

Senior officer in the Center for Democracy and Governance at the Agency for International Development…Mr. Luzzatto had worked at AID since 1993, managing information and publications work. Earlier, he was a program designer at Head Start and directed special programs at the Peace Corps. He also worked in the planning office of Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), in the Office of Economic Opportunity.

Francis Luzzatto married to Tamera Luzzatto before he died 3 years later (1999).

His paintings were exhibited at Franz Bader Gallery and in Venice and Rome.
Mr. Luzzatto was co-author of a book for children, "City Stickers," which was a book of stickers representing tourist sites in Washington. He designed another book, "Zoo Trax," about animals that children might expect to see at the zoo.
His marriage to Anne Luzzatto ended in divorce.
Survivors include his wife of three years, Tamera Stanton Luzzatto, and two children from his first marriage, Benjamin Luzzatto and Marisa Luzzatto, all of Washington; and a sister.

This would help explain why Tamera seems to be alright with pimping out her grandchildren as they are not her biological kin. She is now married to David Leiter.


Very good post @v4vapid and welcome to Everyday we get more and more information that further sheds light on this sick stuff. Thank you for the post.

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Great post. Don't forget possible links to Gerald Gardner, the "Father" of witchcraft in the UK. Some of these may be bloodline names.

I'm not familiar with Gerald Gardner, I think i have some more searching to do. Cheers, thanks for the lead!

I wouldn't waste time on that - stick to doing what you're doing here - top post!

Wow! Thank you for another great article! Bless you!

More research and information to spread. Thanks

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And you didn't mentioned Luzzatto is a jew family.

Excellent post! The web just keeps expanding, I did a post today about Sen Nancy Schaefer who was murdered investigating the relationship of CPS and child sex trafficking. This is huge! Upvoted and followed!

I'm aware of her position in the President's Art Committee... Anne has been there for a long time... she was there under Obama but I think her position goes back to Bush adm. maybe even Clinton.
She's CFR all the way

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