The first luxurious hotel in space

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Want to see sunlight at 16 times a day? Want to roam the space? What does the world look like from space, she wants to take experience? And be patient for just four years. Make 78 million 81 lakhs 20 thousand taka or 95 million US dollars. This money will be spent in the world's first luxury space hotel-eating bill. A CNN report has come up with information about the hotel.

The hotel name is 'Aurora Station'. The announcement was made to build a space hotel in space 2.0 conference in San José, California, USA, on Thursday. Orion Span, the US space innovation business visionary, will assemble the lodging. Here are two group individuals and six individuals together on a 12-day space visit. There will be an opportunity to be there as the principal visitor in 2022.

Orion Span Chief Executive Frank Bangger said that the objective of making space for everybody is their objective. After the dispatch of the Hotel in space, there will be an open door for everybody to remain there requiring little to no effort. The cost of spending around 100 million US dollars for two weeks' voyage is past the creative energy of many. In any case, Orion Span asserts, the genuine space explorer experience can be found in it.

Berger said that the astronauts need special training in the 24-hour space station. But they brought it down in three months. The thrilling journey of 12 days is to fly Low Earth Orbit (LEP) 200 miles above Earth's surface. From there you can see the wonderful view of the world. The hotel will travel around the world every 30 minutes. That means the hotel guests will see a sunrise and sunset 16 hours every 24 hours. Guests sitting in the hotel can take part in the study of food production. They can take these foods as gifts with them on earth. There will be a high-speed wireless internet system. Live video chat can be done directly on the earth. Besides, they will be honored after returning to the world. In addition to having fun with the emotional feeling, guests can freely see the North and South Pole cover scenes from inside the hotel. But if someone cannot pay the full money later, then that money will be refunded.

However, some other organizations like Orion Span have been working to provide space travel experiences. One of these is the Axiom Space. A former manager of the International Space Station, working in a Texas-based company. The company will launch a commercial space station in 2024. But they still did not disclose the costs. However, the amount of space spent on the space travel will be less than Dennis Tito, who spent $ 20 million in space before traveling in space. Execution will be available to travelers at the International Space Station since 2019. After that, the passengers will be taken to their station.

Meanwhile, Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is working to provide useless experience in a short time in exchange for 2.5 million US dollars. Although it was due to start in 2009, the first journey date is still not correct.

Of course, the cost of traveling in space will be very rare. But Bergner says the Aurora station will not serve as a hotel only; It will work for space firms in technical studies in space and in spaces, in space and in space. Keeping in view the current market needs, more benefits can be increased spans, said Bergner.


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