Freedom in birth and growth

in #lushnesslast year

Let's break it down first;
your lushness,


Self-Soul ;
in the sense of literature,
All the tools that make an object what it is.
sticking to itself,
Your lushness;
The state of being lush.
Efficiency, prosperity.
Power per unit area, in other words, sound energy per square centimeter.
these are the scientific explanation,
So; He is the one who can make his voice louder for the free, that is, his soul can roar as much as he wants, he is the one who can get everything his soul wants without any hindrance.
Being free as long as you live is a necessity...
Sometimes people unintentionally or knowingly harm their freedom.
Frankly, those who commit crimes also contribute to their friends, or they are victims of their greed and anger.
Freedom, which is an invaluable value, should not be given up for simple and meaningless reasons or for nothing.
For this, we must hold tight to beliefs,
While raising children, families should not put pressure on children, and should not think that they will discipline them by beating, cursing or giving severe punishments. Because this child turns to crime in the future; Because he takes revenge on those close to him.
For example, in a news;
The boy who stabbed his mother to death was asked,
I have avenged the past. There are these and similar examples.
A family member who wants their children to live freely should keep them free from birth until they fly out of the nest, so that they do not act in ways that would hinder the freedom of others or that would undermine their own freedom.
And always live free.
Freedom in birth and growth;
It enables the individual and his/her environment to create opportunities that will enable them to be free.

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