Day 15-17 Vlog! + Message To All My Supporters and Followers!!

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Well my Steem People, I think we made a good run. The Power Of Steem took me over 700 miles and allowed me to stay on the road for 17 days!! I was able to get Steem in the hands of quite a few people, and I'm happy about that. I didn't get to go as far as I originally wanted, but I'm not mad, sad or anything like that. I feel like I may have let some of you down, and for that I'm sorry. The reward payouts just wouldn't cover my upcoming expenses and bike repairs this upcoming week and I had to make a decision while I still had money to make a decision. It isn't anybodies fault because the support was great! I was receiving upvotes and comments on every post, which is amazing. I just didn't receive enough rewards to support the project any further. The last 3-4 days my rewards decreased quite a bit, and with the downvoting/flagging wars, the project was kind of swept under the rug. Somebody told me that they think it's weird how people can get behind flagging a person because they think what they're doing is wrong, but wont get behind something that is positive for the platform. I agree, but I'm in no way discouraged or anything like that the project shouldn't hang on one persons vote if it was to be successful. I'm happy for what I have. I'm happy for the things I accomplished on this project. The power of Steem is strong, and I hope other people keep testing the power of steem and the platform like @gktowns will be trying to do! Hopefully we all can go support him as well! I want to give a special shoutout to @mrviquez he hustled and did every thing he could the last couple of days to try and get more rewards to the potential payouts, he is a true friend, and he is what every Steemologist should strive to be. He cares deeply for the platform and everybody in it. I'll always have his back, and I hope he will continue to always have mine.

Now with these pending payouts, I will take the payouts from Friday to Tuesday and Take my top 10-15 commenters and upvoters, and put all their names in a hat and pull out 2-3 and reward them equally with the SBD paid out during those days for their support! I wouldn't feel right using the project money in any other way!!

I am not done with this Steemit platform I will continue to Steem on! And Will be working on a new project in the upcoming weeks! I truly believe timing played a major role in the ending of this project, not the power of the platform!

I want to thank every person who commented and upvoted, resteemed and shouted me out. You guys mean the world to me, and we wouldn't of been able to get as far as we did without all of you.

Thanks- Lukin! Richland, Wa to Ogden, Utah!
I'll be back on Steemit once I get Wifi again, until then peace be with you all! And thank you for allowing me to take part in the journey 😊



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Lukin, You did an amazing thing reaching 700mi. I'd like to invite you out in one year to join Tour de Steem. We'll construct a team of athletic steemians, wire them up with all the bells and wifi we'll need to make the trip a huge media success, and the biggest cycling event of the summer.

By traveling together we can plan our stops, and have a steem-powered vehicle on-board to transport the majority of our camping gear, tubes, tires etc. That way we can focus on the ride and capturing the journey.

That said, I'm sure you're ready for a warm bed and some time to relax. Congratulations again on 17 days of steem-powered freedom.

That sounds very cool

Hey this is what yer think'n eh? I just got word of Luke's journey on waking up this morning and now I'm reading it's over.

I hope I can follow your ride to Cali. You're still going in that direction right?

Remember ~smiles fer miles~


Smiles for miles! I love it!!!

lol...I haven't put in the copyright...yet! ;p

It was an awesome thing you were doing and you got more people out there involved with steem. I wish you could have made the grand canyon. But you acompished something many could not .. on top of the fact you rode 700 miles man your butt must be sore. Hurry home I know your sis will be glad to see you. Safe travles

Man sorry to hear that. I’ve not had Internet as I have move an it took ages to got connected. Won’t go into the details but will do in my next post. You have done amazing bud a massive achievement be very proud of yourself cracking work :)

I up voted this with me full potentials after a month offline. You deserve it congrats :)

Aww:(:( This is really sad @lukinsawyer...I did notice the full support of everybody with inspiring comments, awesome photo's, resteem's, and even awesome podcasting. It truly was an amazing thing to watch a whole community come together. an extraordinary human being and a highly productive Steemologist who is doing amazing things for this platform.

Hopefully amazing Steemians will get behind further projects such as this and stick to it. It truly was sad seeing the "power of steem" votes go from 30 to 400 dollars down to 2 or 3 dollars on this amazing journey.

You have been an inspirations to the little guy and big dreamers on this platform, and showed everybody that one great idea can build a lifetime of memories! See you back in Washington @lukinsawyer.....thanks for paving trails brother!

I know what cha mean man. The world nowadays is ass backwards as in, good is evil & evil is good. It's just more worse on the world wide web then in the real world.

Next year !! Try for an event or rally event multiple legs create a payout that rolls from leg to leg . As you said no negative just keep Steeming !! You Rock the my man !!

Hey, just thankful you are still out there in steemland- 700 miles is a LOT of hard, sweaty, grueling work. Life is good. Now, it's time for a new goal and time to spend some time with @dillonford. Good friends gotta stay good friends. And you should REALLY take the funds you want to give and spend them on Nala! Girls have needs. Baby girls have a lot of needs :)

High five and enjoy your family when you get to em!

I appreciate the thought and the shout out:) I truly hope the funds go to those who have jumped on this journey with a true passion and appreciation! 700 miles on a bike is an amazing accomplishment in itself

700 miles is a lot of biking! Thanks for sharing your journey with us and allowing the couch potatoes like me to live vicariously through you.

Also, the thing about flag wars using up voting power that could have potentially been put to better use elsewhere is worth pondering.

What a great run... sorry that it had to end man. Will be looking for you next adventure on steemit.

Damn bro. I'm sorry to hear that. But hey, I'm proud of you for how far you got. But this is only the beginning. I'm excited to see what you have in store for the future projects. Life is a team sport and I'm always ridin' with you.

You did good Lukin, one hell of a ride! How are you getting home?

Hope to go with you 1,000 miles on steemit.

17 days is a good run in my book. You biked and raised Steem awareness for more than two weeks, which is awesome.

Well that was an interesting morning spent catching up on your ride. Just heard about it and here you are finished.

I kinda wonder where you would've made it to if you had the steem power to help keep pushing you along.

I find this platform amazing too. Not sure how the flag sitch affected the outcome of your adventure but yeah...always a few bugs to irritate things.

Glad you're still content with your you should be. Safe home weary traveler...and...

Keep on Steem'n on!


                             ~smiles fer miles~

I am soooooo Proud Of You!!! #LEGENDARYLUKIN!!!!

Awesome ride @lukinsawyer . I wouldn't feel sad because you tried to do something that you believed in. You succeeded because you put in the effort wherein most people would not have even started.

Awww Bros. Is there any way to get to the Grand Canyon? Thats only like 400 more miles :P
Man you obviously did what you set out to. Which was to see how far steem power could take you...In this case... Northern Utah. Which is pretty bad ass in my book. You have the utmost respect in my book for actually doing it. Cheers.

It was a great run! You have a solid follower here. I have thoroughly enjoyed riding with you. 700 miles! WHAT??!?? Thanks for the ride!

Wait. What!!! Thats it? Damn my brother what happened? Message me on discord we have to catch up. Stay blessed brother.

Too bad it had to come to an end man. @mrviquez is a hero, cool that he fought the good fight for you.

Things never go as you draw them up on paper, and it'd be boring if they did. Nice run and I'm sure you'll always look back fondly on your adventure.

I genuinely enjoyed following you-- like, you took it beyond just wanting to help support someone who is doing things for Steem or whatever, and to the point of really enjoying your vlogs and updates and looking forward to the next one. Way to be so pro.