Day 11 : Boise, Idaho to Hagerman, Idaho!

in lukin-bikes •  2 years ago  (edited)

What is up my Steem People, a little late on the vlog, I know , but I had a crazy day today, luckily none involving the bike haha, just some bad luck with a certain Hotel chain which you will hear in tomorrow's vlog! I found a place to rest my head tonight at an RV place that has the friendliest staff, so I think it was a blessing in disguise that I found this place. I even showed the gentleman working here my Steemit Page!!*
Enjoy my fellow Steemians!!




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Dudeeeeee! I feel like I'm not even living yet when I see your vids!!!
This really takes Pure Guts & Courage to just go out there and do this!!
Your family must be so freekin proud of you!!
You must be in great shape to do this bro! Your legs never hurt?
What was the main ultimate thought you had when you finally decided to just go for it and do this??

Thank you I really appreciate it!!
My mother is very proud, and very scared. I'm glad my sister moved into town, two days after I left to ease the pain haha. I'm in pretty good shape, just got off a really strict diet before this, and I'm an avid cycler, but stepped it up when I announced the project, which gave me three weeks to prepare. My legs don't hurt, but are sore from time to time, but stretching has been a life saver!!
My main thought when I decided to just go for it was, I want to live, and not just exist. I wanted to get every bit I could out of this life. I saw why possibilities Steem could provide me, and if Steem could provide me with these possibilities, it could provide somebody else out in this world that isn't aware of the power of Steem that could really benifit from it.
I hope this project is just the begining!! After this I want to go international with it, and share the Steem Knowledge everywhere! 😊

Also, your tattoos are so awesome 😊

Wow @lukinsawyer you are truly something else. After I saw this vid I feel like I've just been existing kinda. Like yeah I do things to help the world but not to the level like I know I can. I think it just takes guts to go out and just freekin do it! I think the "story" that I have told myself for so long is that I can't travel like that because it wouldn't be smart for a young female to travel alone. Then I would tell myself, well I am just gonna wait till my friends are ready to travel but that could take centuries. So I guess one of my life lessons I still need to learn is "just fuckin go for it!" Who gives a crap if society believes that females shouldn't travel solo you know? Shoot a few years ago I lived in my car for a few months and it wasn't fun but I did it as a female lol. I like the feeling of not being scared to just go for things instead of holding back and waiting for the right moment. Because what if that right moment never comes? The right moment really is now regardless of what gender we are lol. You really have gotten my mind to start re-examining my decisions and analyzing where I need to step outside of the box more. I think what you said is like the best quote, "I want to live, and not just exist." That should be a motto. It probably is already lol. I used to go night hiking and that really got me to become fearless but I feel as if we can become comfortable and inside the comfort zone again if we don't keep making daily choices that will allow us to live outside of our comfort zone. Thank you for being my biggest inspiration in life at the moment. I tip my "invisible" hat off to you 😊 Thank you for the tattoo compliment as well!! :D

Wow, awesome response. I think you should travel! Alone or not. Keep a little bit of the fear with you at all times, because fear is powerful, but also know when to disregard it! I basically just stalked your page and just watched your sober dmt vlog.. girl, you aren't just existing, you are definitely experiencing. People who are just living can't open their minds up to the power within like that!
I was, and still am getting myself to fully step outside that box.. I'd say I'm about 3/4 out peaking through haha.😂
And like you said, there is never that right moment, you have to just let go, and do, and be. Life is more complex than the average life lived, it's being taken for granted. The world wasn't built for you to just wonder about. It's yours, go out and grab it:)

Boomshakalaka!!! Lol. Keep on riding!! Have fun. May the steem be with you bro.

Oh yes! I'll keep on keeping on!!!

"Just Steem it, (Steem it) Steem it! (Steem it) No one wants to be without Steemit!" - my best Micheal Jackson voice.

Cool that everything is being powered by Steem. Go Lukin!

Thank you. I love it!!!

Super cool trip! We are all behind you man!

Thank you so much, I appreciate it immensely! 😊

Dude!! This vlog was AWESOME! I rewatched it like twice:)

Thank you! Used a new program:)

Dude! Those divots in the road suck for bikers.
They are great for people who start falling asleep at the wheel but for some one on a bike.....
That's a nut juggler!

Yeah they start to get annoying after awhile, I'm not going to lie haha.

That was your food?! OMG.

Haha. I know. I'm terrible. I had a really big lunch and wasn't that hungry. I've noticed i really only eat one HUGE meal a day. Like enough calories for 2 days in one meal, a day. Haha.

Nice VLOG ! :)

Thank you!!:)

Since I heard you the last time on steemspeak I decided to give you a mention on my latest post. Hopefully you will gain some followers or upvotes to support your trip! :)

Epic vistas! Love the dunk in the water, wow, amazing shot there haha surprised me. Definitely the best video so far!!

Which way are you heading? I'm West of you, in Ontario, Oregon. Would be great if we could meet up!!!

Damn. I was there about 4 days ago! Headed south then East!

Sorry that I missed you. We could have gone out on my canoe! :D It's TOO HOT to be biking across the U.S. It's supposed to be getting hotter the next couple of days, too - isn't it? Sorry. X(

Really cool man! Congrats for all this, it's really shows the power of steem xD Keep binking

Thank you, that's what I'm going for:)

Cool! Such an active day!) great post!

so great photos, the photography is so real that it seems i am with you, seeing with my own eyes all that fantastic place

an up vote for you, See My Visit to Attock

Hey. I live in Wendell just a few miles down the freeway from Hagerman.

craig outhere saying u flaggin him is that true big boss? thanks

I'm not flagging anybody, if I did it was a mistake.. btw who's Craig? Lol