Ludo King Rules : Make your SBD/STEEM double/triple!

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Hello friends,
I @facttechz, the founder of LUDO CASH game, welcome all to play the game and make your SBD/STEEM double & triple. I'm going to start the game as P2P format. You can play with one opposite player and make your SBD/STEEM double. Also we'll held a tournament everyday if possible, where you can make your SBD/STEEM triple.

Rules for P2P :

  1. Install the LUDO KING game : iPhone/iPad or Android
  2. Interested person massage on our Discord Channel - "I want to play!"
  3. After I confirm, you have to send the entry fee to @facttechz with the memo - "Ludo Cash Entry Fee!"
  4. Next, I'll send you the room coad to join and play.
  5. You'll be rewarded double for P2P & triple for TOURNAMENT of your entry fee if and only if you win the match.

💥 minimum entry fee is 0.3 SBD/STEEM.


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Thank you for sharing :)

The title is a bit misleading, b/c it sounds like a guarantee to double/triple the SBD/STEEM. I'm not opposed to the idea of gaming like that, but the title is slightly misleading.


Thank you for the advice, really appreciate.