I just got lucky

in lucky •  27 days ago 

After a long day I went to the casino after 10 . I should just gone to bed.

But o got lucky....


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Yeah, sehr gut. Hoffentlich hast du gut was mit nach Hause genommen :)

wow, sindn paar hunderter :) Gratz! Wo liegtn das SugarHouse ?


In Philadelphia.

Sieht gut aus. Wie viel haste gemacht? Glückwunsch!


Naja der max buy in ist 1000.


Dann tippe ich mal auf 4-5 k in chips zum Zeitpunkt der Aufnahme?
Bist du eigentlich professioneller Pokerspieler? Oder welchen Beruf übst du aus?

Did u earn?

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A bit, yes


If you felt luck was on your side I guess going to the casino was the right move! Can we know how much did you profit?


Just a few chips, like a said above the buy in is 1k


Still, a win is a win! :D

Awesome, the unexpected gains are the best. Variance been kicking my butt lately so its good seeing someone else getting the best of it.


Yea variance can be tough. Today i got the better of it

Great with good [email protected]

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