LTCUSD Murray Math Lines Price Action Targets

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Ltcusd 4Hour
Chart Murray Math
Line According to Trading Strategy
Price is at this time 8\8 Traded
8/8: Hardest line to rise above (overbought)
the prize will down here
Sell $57 Target $45

8/8: Hardest line to rise above (overbought)
7/8: Fast reverse line (weak)
6/8: Pivot reverse line
5/8: Upper trading range

4/8: Major reversal line
3/8: Lower trading range
2/8: Pivot reverse line
1/8: Fast reverse line (weak)
0/8: Hardest line to fall below (oversold)

Price is between 3/8 and 5/8 MML's about 43% of the time.



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