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number 31200 is put in the form 3.12 ×10n, the value of n is
A. 1 B. 2 C. 2 D. 4 E. 5

  1. The scientific notation 3.5 ×103 multiplied by 3 is
    A. 1.05 ×102 B.1.05×1010 C. 1.05×103 D.1.05×109 E. 1.05×104
  2. The scientific notation 8.2×10-4 + 5.4×10-4=………
    A.1.35×10-5 B. 1.36×10-4 C.1.36×10-3 D.1.36×10-7 E.1.36×103
  3. Which of the following is (are) true?
    A.log⁡〖(xy) 〗=log⁡x + log⁡y B. (log⁡x )^n = n log⁡x C. log_10⁡1=0
    D.log_x⁡x=1 E.log⁡(x/y)= log⁡x-log⁡y
  4. Which of the following is (are) true?
    1.log⁡M/log⁡N =log⁡M-log⁡N 2.log⁡∛M=3 log⁡M 3.log_√a⁡M =2log_a⁡M
    A. 1 only B. 2 only C. 3 only D. 1 and only E. None of them
    6.Which of the following is (are) true?
    1. log_4⁡x=2log_16⁡x 2. log_b⁡x=3 log_(b^3 )⁡x 3. log_4⁡16= log_16⁡4
      A. 1only B. 2 only C. 3 only D. 1 and 2 only E. 1 and 3 only
  5. 〖10〗^(1+log_10⁡3 )=……..
    A.3 B.30 C. 3/10 D.10/3 E.15
    8.(4)^log_2⁡3 =……..
    A.3 B.-6 C/27 D.3/25 E. 5×27
    10.If x=log_b⁡a,y=log_c⁡b,z=log_a⁡c, then xyz=…………
    A. 0 B. 1 C.-1 D. abc E. a+b+c
  6. If log⁡2=a, then =…….
    A.a^2 B.2.5a C.1+a
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