Sooo show of hands. Who has been here for more than 4 months?

in loyalty •  2 years ago


Just wondering how many people from 4 months or more ago will see this post basically.

Wondering is we are many in numbers or if i am alone :(

I have a huge amount of loyalty too steemit personally even though my account value is tiny and i have been here ages! Life is not about money. People always seem to realize that when it is too late. - Josh

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You're not alone, a lot of long time users on steemit at this point.


Yay! :) just wanted visual numbers! 55 minutes and 16 upvotes so not bad so far! :) of course your upvote is valuable and i am guessing not wanting to "waste" :P Also you must notice me popping up now and again :P i am always here just i don't have much talent in writing. I am more about the comedy :D

congratulations for that choice is not easy work on the platform, but I can assure that it is very fascinating. I agree with you not all about money again congratulations

Created 2016-06-17T19:20:09

damn, that's less than 4 months :-)