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150 LoyalCoins up for grabs.
Pinoy (Filipino) Crypto-Currency that has recently soared high it's fiat currency value and now it's global. Reached 80 satoshis recently this August 10, 2018. Coinmarketcap highest ranking - top 150.
Use your points to redeem free load, food, travel & leisure and a whole lot more.
Piece of advice, collect more coins.
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Get the LoyalWallet now! Download the app from the Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsolutely.aps

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so we'll both get free coins.

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Here are some of the the merchants we can redeem the coins that we have.



Top up your loyal coins in 7-11 or EC-Pay.

I have watched this coin evolved in cryptopia, and traded it a few times.



For more info please visit


for everything you need to know.

I will be posting more updates on this crypto that is included in my top 10.

Please look for more videos of loyalcoin as well on YouTube or dLive.

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