Top 10 Lowest petrol price in the world (A review)

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Venezuela has the cheapest Price of Petrol in the world; $0.02 per liter. Incredible right!
Iran comes next with $0.07 per liter.
Sudan sells $0.14 per liter.
Angola sells $0.27 per liter.
Qatar sells $0.34 per liter.
Kuwait sells $0.34 per liter.
Algeria sells $ 0.36 per liter.
Nigeria sells $0.37 per liter.
Kazakhstan sells $0.41 per liter.
Malaysia sells $0.41 per liter.


A breakdown of the top ten cheapest:
five countries are located in Asia continent,
four in Africa , one in South America.

Zimbabwe and Hong Kong has the highest price of petrol per liter, $2.88 per liter.

Qatar and USA are among top 10 richest economies and they also have low gasoline price below $1.
Even developed countries Australia and Canada has price below $1.

Prices are high in European nations as only 8 countries have less than one dollar. Azerbaijan has the lowest rate in Europe. 35 out of 47 European countries has price above $1.

9 out of 37 in Asia, 14 out of 41 in Africa, 6 out of 23 in North America, 1 out of 12 in South America and 2 out of 4 in Oceania sell petrol below $1.


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