Low pressure persists, still.

in low •  17 days ago

Not too unusual for this time of the year in the horse-latitudes, the low pressure persists, bringing a promise of more rain. Well, we asked for it and so let me just hear one of you complain and see what happens. Ja, we are still blessed in spite of our transgressions - God is Good!

I have just had a look at some of the other posts and am rather surprised by the nitpicky bickering I detect from some bloggers. All over reposting or, not reposting, as far as I can tell? I still don't fully understand the game but, I can almost guarantee that this is not in the manual and that the parties concerned are also not in the manual. Ha! We don't need more conflict or strife on this platform - we have enough of that at home and in our own back yards. Lets try and be worthy of praise and compliments, rather than petty critique and criticism. I respect my Chinese (I think) brothers for writing in English and I have only the utmost respect for anyone trying to do something positive and creative in his or, any other language. I wish that I could write/speak/understand Chinese, as well as all other languages. This is one of the biggest obstacles to the advancement of our society and we would all do well to take a page, or six, from each other and get rid of our petty 'pride and prejudice'. Thanks Aunt Jane.

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