"What Does Magic Mean To You And What Part Does it Play, In Your Life Today?"

This post is written based on my own personal experience. Science would tell you it's irrational and not true.

Would you know what "Abra-kadabra" really means? These ancient, supposedly magical words that many reputable magicians across the globe use to perform magic in movies and literature?

The Kaballah, the Hebrew mystical secret doctrine, describes a state of grace in which everything flows smoothly and effortlessly. A human receives exactly what they need at the exactly the perfect timing. In this state of consciousness, the answers are given even before the question is posed, the solution is presented even before the problem occurs. Meaning, it is a state of living where there are no problems for the human.


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Here are few examples of this state of grace, called Chesed, in Hebrew:
  • Abundance, in its most literal manifestation, is there all the time to serve the person. It does not mean $1M USD in the bank (though it certainly can be so), but rather money is flowing to the person to fulfill all their humanly needs, be them accommodations, food, travelling or initiating a new business.
  • Relationships: no matter how sad or unhappy a relationship is, the exact right one is being brought to the human. No need to browse through profiles on tinder, no need to doubt "is s/he my one", no need to scold yourselves for sleeping with the wrong guy. Every single encounter and relationship are appropriate and serves the highest value fulfillment of the human.
  • Health: in a state of Chesed, the body functions smoothly. There are no chronic pains or severe diseases, sleeping is energizing and nocturnal adventures are vivid and bountiful. Indeed, there are mild imbalances from time to time, like a flu or a headache, but those pass as quickly as they came.

And these are just but a few examples that describe what happens when life works for you, when there is constant magic in your life, when the times in the past in which there was no magic is the unnatural state of living.

So, how to get there, to this state of Chesed and grace? How to create magic in your life?

First, it should be stated that Magic happens naturally, gracefully. There is no need to work for magic, no waving-hands voodoo style rituals are needed. No mind control or positive thinking tedious disciplines are required. One cannot work for magic!

Magic is a state of consciousness and you get there by allowing it. You first allow your master self, with its full array of wisdom, whose presence creates more harmony and balance in your mind, body and then in your personal reality. Following the master comes your enlightened state of consciousness where your I AM consciousness is conjuring with your human self. For most people (including myself) this natural conjuration is a process that takes time so one needs to be patient and just allow.

To quote Seth, one of my favorite teachers, "Magic is nature unimpeded".

And "Abra-kadabra" echoes with that principle. The words come for Aramaic (ancient Hebrew) and they mean a very profound and practical concept of magic: "I will create as I speak".

Simple as that. Why don't you try it yourself?


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