To be a Master of Relationships, chapter 51 – The misty curtain, part I

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A memoir

I wish to describe for you who you are right now -

Now that you are standing at the other side of the Gate you no longer hold any doubt regarding the existence of love in the world and specifically True-Love for you. You are convinced that somewhere “out there” there is someone for you and that you will meet them at the perfect timing. You contain within yourself a strong drive to find that person, to be with them and to live together in harmony and mutual sharing. Although nothing seems to happen, you do have the patience, the determination and the perseverance to stick to what you know so well and to trust your inner voice which promises that you are not wrong. Your conduct and relationships with your fellow human-beings are colored by integrity, honesty, and truth. This is who you are now, those who stand at the front door of the Kingdom of Realization.

Another typical character that you may feel is lightness; a general feeling of easiness. Some of you will be literally lighter due to losing weight. You will have more energy, more vividness, and ebullience in daily life. Life will still indeed have its “low points” and depressions but those moments will be minor and much shorter in time than what you have experienced so far.


Andrew McIntosh

If you began the journey to True-Love on your own, that is without a spouse on your side, it is likely that you are still alone now. Although some people who you thought to be your TrueLove have indeed entered your life, eventually you realized that something was still missing. Consequently, you released those people and continued on your own. Some of you, however, although recognizing that lacking, that something was not fully tuned with your inner calling for True-Love, still decided to stay together to figure out how to fix the relationship. Whatever the case may be, one gift is granted to those who attained the keys to the gate: your love life can become very simple when it comes to making choices. You have the knowledge now to immediately rule out those who do not match you:

Let’s take for example you – a young divorced mother, who goes on a date with a handsome single young businessman. He is very intelligent and on the surface feels to you very right. At first, you hesitate whether or not to tell him your status because he might be discouraged by the full package that you bring along, so you believe. On the other hand, you do realize that sooner or later you will have to disclose that fact. Whereas such dilemma is quite real for those who still possess a dualistic mode of thinking, you have no doubts. How come? Because you act from a stance of truth, integrity, honesty and a firm belief, without fear or manipulation, in your master self. You know that your True-Lover, whenever he comes, will accept you as you are; with all your flaws and “heavy” packages. Therefore, when you tell your date those personal details about your status, watch for his reaction – is it open? Does he securely accept that news or does he flinch back in his chair? What kind of feeling do you receive from him the moment you tell him about yourself? (Be alert not to confuse your prejudice beliefs with what you really feel!) Do not compromise. Your TrueLove will have you as you are! If you do feel that he has reservations then don’t try to convince yourself (or him) that things will get straight. Leave him. That guy is not for you. Congratulate yourself for being wise, mature and self-aware enough to make good choices and to act upon them. In time, such futile meetings will become scarce because you will draw to your life only appropriate people who can be true candidates for a spouse.

In the past, before you crossed the gate, you might have had many suitors; many people who expressed their love towards you, their attention and general interest. Now, that your natural screening system is activated and many mismatching people are automatically screened out, you may feel lonely. This is a period of time that you release all those liars, two-faced, manipulative or non-believers whom you no longer choose as partners or as close friends.

That description is obviously true for the men as well who passed the gate. For them the hardship may be graver because, on the one hand, they feel the loneliness but on the other hand they find themselves subject to social pressure from a society which cannot accept men who act in an unmanly fashion, that is men who don’t date many women or chase women just like any other average man is expected to do.

If you are a man who experiences such an atmosphere all around you don’t be demoralized. What do you care what other people think? You are looking for your TrueLove and you really don’t need to waste your time on women who aren’t suitable. Following that world-view, you will also automatically sieve and rule out those who don’t match your desires.

Your quest towards Realization has now become simpler. Don’t think too much about how things work; do not try to figure out why there was no chemistry between you and your dates. Simply trust that the kingdom of love watches you, monitors your steps and will reveal itself more when the right time comes. For now, practice what you have learned so far in all the lessons that you took. You are becoming a Master.


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