"Some big spiders appeared in my bedroom" - two dream interpretations

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The dream

Recently spiders are a recurring theme in my dreams. Sometimes they are tied to the plot, sometimes they just pass by. It always starts the same way, their presence is not frightening. They're not the big black kind but rather little. In the dream, I see one (usually around the bed) and think to myself that it is not so bad, it's only one small spider (in life I do not have a fear of spiders). The problem is that by the end of the dream, the spider is doing something very dramatic, and this deters me and causes me uneasiness. A dream that began with the presence of one small spider ended with a giant spider under the bed.

At the end of the dream that I had tonight the spider built his house in the mouth of a dead crocodile that was hung from the walls above my bed!

It should be noted that the spiders in my dreams have never attacked me or made any threat. In addition to that, they also never form the main theme of the dream, they are always some kind of background item. When they do very unusual things they grab my attention, but they are still far from being the main issue. I think that is the reason why it took me so long - a month - to see the pattern.

One last addition - I think that the appearance of the spider in the area of the bed is also related to trying to catch my attention because I have no special fear of spiders, I have no problem if I spot a spider in the living room or the kitchen. It will not disturb me and I will not disturb it. But the bed is probably where we are more vulnerable since we are asleep and cannot pay attention to the environment (and no one really wants a spider to move at them at night, correct?)

I am 29 years old and single. a Student.


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My Interpretation to your dream

Your dream reminded me of a dream about a green lizard that I once gave an interpratation for. I will share it here with my interpretation. Please read it and tell me if the same applies to your dreams.

The Lizard dream:

I dreamed about a large green lizard that wants to enter our house. It manages to crawl in through one of the holes at the entrance to the house and I am quite frightened by it.

My intepretation:
The lizard in your dream represents a kind of energy that takes away emotional or mental attention from you or your family, contrary to what is good for you. That is, there is someone or a situation in your life that takes from you against your will. The taking here is not material but mental /emotional. You are frightened because you are aware of the rupture that has been created in your energetic body and the consequences it may have for your well-being.

However, there is nothing to be stressed or afraid of!

You can easily stop this feeding provided you figure out who or what is clinging to you and drinking your energy and then stop their feeding. Is your marital relationship, for example, like that? Do you constantly give and feel exhausted? Is the sexual/physical relationship you are involved in not enough "deep" for you and you feel that you are compromising? It may also be a situation at work.

Once you find where you allow others to be nourished from you in an unbalanced way you can stop the leakage and the penetration of that foreign energy.

Thanks for the link, maybe you are right, but the problem is that I can not find anything in my life that is currently doing such a thing. I'm a student so I study a lot but I do not feel that it draws energy for me. I'm not in a romantic relationship, nor in any problematic relationship (not that I know at least). So I really can not see the element that draws energy from my life.

You may not be aware enough. Even in your dream you see one spider and say, "Never mind, it's only one." And with time the situation develops into a frightening one that bothers you. The same applies when it comes to energy that is drawn from you: it starts with something small that someone asks you to do and even though you are not so happy with the request you do it, to please them, not to hurt them, because you want to be nice, and you comfort yourself that it is not a big deal, just one request. And over time this one-time scenario creates more and more situations in which you are asked to give up something in order to please others. You are repeatedly demanded to sacrifice something against your will for other people's benefit.

This is a general description. In the next few days check if and how this phenomenon is reflected in your life.


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