Even at this moment, when you read this post - You Are Dreaming!

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If you ask the average person – "what is a dream for you?" you will likely receive the answer "dreams are something that happens to me when I go to sleep, usually at night". But in reality, dreams are much more than just a byproduct of the mental activities of our sleeping mind. Dreams are an aperture to kingdoms of another perception. They serve as a conduit to visit different realities. With dreams, we can observe those worlds, describe them, operate in them and utilize them to change our physical reality. Dreams, therefore, have a valid reality of their own.


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What happens then, you may ask, when we wake up? If those worlds are indeed valid, where do they disappear to when we no longer operate in them? Do they vanish and reappear the next night?

The answer is tantalizing – the dream worlds remain! In this exact moment, while you are reading this article in this physical reality, there are many other worlds, no less valid, which exist and operate next to you. One of them is the dream world you recently left when you woke up this morning.

If, for example, you dreamt about a lovely person with whom you hugged and kissed - that person is still "there". Can you feel them right now? Be quiet for a moment, don't think about it, and just feel them. Take a deep breath and inhale their presence. Their energy is available to you and you can bring it here, to your life, if that's what you choose.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, what an amazing influence the dream world could have on people's lives. New couples could become closer to each other; old relationships could receive a boost, a zest, from dreams; doubts and hesitations would vanish after a close interaction in the dream world. Not to mention how fun it would be to love and be loved without the impedances of the Ego!

The problem & solution

People do not use that amazing tool (and the word "tool" limits the scope of the art of dreaming) mainly because it remains out of the grip of their minds. "If you can't see it, touch it, feel it - it doesn't exist!" – you are surely familiar with this concept. If you tell your mind - "you are dreaming right now" you will only confuse it. Your mind will immediately try to look for reasonable explanations for that statement. It will try to figure out what it means; it will try to undermine your sanity, and ultimately it will give up and tag the whole dream phenomenon as obscure and irrelevant.

The solution is to be aware, to never give up and to persist on the validity of your dreams. Your mind must be retrained. It must allow itself to open up. At first, it will happen in your sleep time - you will remember more of your dreams and in time you function within them with your waking self. Later on, you will be able to grasp more pieces of your dream worlds while you are not asleep! Then you will experience firsthand the meaning of the sentence "you are dreaming right now".

And here is a question for you - if you are dreaming right now, then what is the real reality?

Enjoyable travels!


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