"Can I have my realization by taking drugs?"

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Excerpt: In this post, I am not speaking about the benefit of drugs to the quality of life, as in some instances natural herbs, that are considered drugs, are quite helpful to the well being of the individual. While those instances may serve one well, I am speaking about the use of any outside substance to change consciousness. Such attempts are futile for the long run.


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I have been reading what you say about TrueLove and realization and the way to attain it. You often mention the need to alter my awareness, my way of thinking and my regular consciousness. So I ask you – why not take drugs to make it faster and simpler?

And what would you say in general to those who use any kind of drugs and report enjoying the effects and the big influence on their lives?

I guess what I am asking is why not take drugs when a lot of people use them?




A lot of people are also very miserable. Is that a good reason to mimic them by being unhappy?! Forget other people, they are meaningless to you. What counts is you and you alone; let’s deal with that.

So you ask if taking drugs is good or wrong; I tell you that in your terms they are wrong. They are not at all appropriate and will get you nowhere.

The realization you seek can indeed be reached by altering your state of consciousness. You simply train yourself to reach a more expanded level of understanding where freer and more delicate energies are allowed (by you!) to enter your reality (that is your body, your mind, and your soul-spirit).

When you take drugs, and it doesn’t matter what kind, you alter your mind but not on your consciousness. Drugs trick your mind into thinking that you are reaching other levels. In the midst of the experience, that is your trip, you feel different than in your daily routine because your mind gives you what you want.

It is a question of beliefs and the way they shape your reality. Why, you believe that if you take drugs you will see weird things and feel new sensations, so your mind follows to create exactly what you expect. That causes you to think, in error, that you have crossed the boundaries of this reality into higher dimensions of existence while all along you have, in fact, remained in the confines of the earthly world.

When the trip ends you feel exuberant because you remember your recent experiment. Those experiences do not stay with you, however, so you erroneously think that if you take another dose of drugs or even stronger drugs, you will reach higher levels of experience that will accompany you in your everyday reality.

This is a great illusion of course and plenty of drug addicts can testify to it.

The more you take drugs the more you force your mind to unnaturally reconstruct itself until it is so twisted that you lose connection with your reality and the mind can no longer govern and manage the functions of your body. Then realization cannot be attained because you cease to be available to it.

Drugs simply play a trick on the mind with its help. It is as if you used a radio system to try to receive TV broadcasts. No matter how sophisticated your stereo is, it is not built to receive TV channels. If you applied a higher voltage to your stereo, falsely thinking that it might make it suitable for TV channels, you would only burn the circuits of your radio system.

Then you would have to buy a new radio which is easier and simpler than getting a new body and mind.

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