"An alien abducted me to another world, help!" - a dream interpretation

Excerpt: It happens often that people dream about aliens. But most just keep this to themselves, either because they are afraid of the dreams or don't want to appear as lunatic among their peers and loved ones. Aliens do exist, and they are close to us even in our daily life and night hours when we sleep. It is crucial to remember, though, that there is NO alien in the whole universe that has power over you. None. Unless you give them that power. Your strongest attitude towards any entity that you encounter, physical or not, is "I Am That I Am".


I am Asking for help to understand a weird dream I just had. I'm used to monitoring my dream activity and to decipher the message in them, but this time I'm lost. I am married, 39 and mother of 3.

There was a seemingly ordinary man who chased me around the house, my children's kindergarten and all over the town, I live in. His purpose was to "kidnap" me and teach me to live on other, supposedly superior, dimensions.

I fled out of fear because I did not know what those dimensions meant, and because of the separation from my family since it was not clear to me when or if I would ever return. At one point I found myself in the car with him and soon after I managed to reach a dimension of hovering on another planet that looked at everything that was happening on our regular planet. At this stage, I must have come to terms with my fate as one who is destined to rise to another spiritual and physical dimension, and I began to bid farewell to my husband and children.

That's it, then I woke up. I do not know what the meaning of hovering was, it is not clear to me what is the "superior dimension" was, it is not clear to me why it was me and who was that person.


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My Interpretation to your dream

This is a phenomenon that occurs frequently. In fact every night your consciousness reaches other dimensions, wandering through them, investigating them, learning and teaching, and then, towards the awakening, you come back here.

The difference is that in the current dream, perhaps for the first time (?) your awake-consciousness (i.e ego) remained aware of this journey. Since the role of the ego is to take care of your survival on our physical reality, where you have a family and children, the dream has caused you fears ("kidnapping", "persecution"). The hovering signifies another plane of consciousness in which you are freer (and therefore no gravitational force). That dimension is another place of reality (not better, just another), and that entity who chased you was probably an angel-guide that accompanies your progress. His intentions were good actually.

In the future, you can really welcome that person, but you must calm the anxious ego, otherwise, you will be too frightened which will cause you to halt or wake up. How do you do that? In your waking hours tell yourself that you are safe and protected. Talk to the ego and explain to it that there's nothing to worry about and that you will always come back. You may want to use the mantra "I am that I am", with intention and meaning. With practice, this mantra will accompany you in your dreams.

Pleasant journeys.


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