A short checklist to know if you are in a True-Love relationship

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Following watching the Netflix series "Mmy love", depicting stories of six couples from different parts of the world, whom the creators of the films identified as true Love relationships, here are my two cents of that concept:

Those who have crossed the threshold to the kingdom of true love know that relationships in the new territory are different than the ones in the old world. The biggest difference perhaps is that True Love relationship is neither based on needs nor on reflection. That is, one does not need a spouse to learn about one's issues and challenges in life.

More so, in the new world, many new potentials for relationships exist and hover around one’s energy essence and various opportunities present themselves each day anew. Since there is no right or wrong anymore one finds oneself in a rather interesting situation where one only needs to pick a spouse to carry out a relationship with.

> That brings up the ultimate question – how to choose the most appropriate relationship out of the many potentials that exist? How to know if the person we are dating is someone we should be with?


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Here is the guidance I offer:

An appropriate love relationship for a true-lover - that is an individual who conducts a True Love kind of life - should be based on four connections: physical, mental emotional and spiritual.

  • The physical connection – this is the simplest. Are you attracted to the person you are dating? There could not be doubt about that. Physical attraction is felt through your body, through the sexual energy that streams through you while you are in the presence of your mate, or when you talk with them or merely look at their photos. Mind you, sometimes physical attraction needs time to be developed. Therefore, it is all right if you are not drooling over your date right away, as long as you are not disguised by them. But physical is definitely not enough -

  • The mental connection – is also easy to identify. Can you conduct an enjoyable, flowing, stimulating and invigorating conversation with your date? You two don’t have to be talking all the time, silence is golden sometimes, but you must be stimulated by your spouse’s opinions, ways of thinking, ideas etc. If they bore you, or if you bore them, then you two don’t fit.

  • The emotional connection – here things begin to be tougher because it’s not always easy to identify feelings. A simple tool to know if you are in love, or love your spouse, is the feeling of missing. Do you miss them? Do you want to be with them almost always? Do you feel a bit lost when you are separated? Mind you, I am not talking about the “needy” kind of missing in which you totally feel miserable when your spouse is not around you. No. the True-Love missing is different. It’s soft and amusing and puts a smile on your face because you know that you are in love. You savor this feeling because you know that you can indeed do without it but right now you choose it.

  • The spiritual connection – when you find yourself in the presence of a man or a woman with whom you experience the first three connections you obviously start asking yourself – is this the love of my life? The answer could easily be found – do the two of you have a common purpose in life? Something that you two are passionate to create and by your joint efforts will contribute to the world? It doesn’t have to be something that saves the world. You two can be two musicians who love each other and who together create something with meaning even if only for yourselves. You two can create children, can travel around the world and experience its wonders. The nature of the creative endeavor doesn’t matter as long as it comes from your hearts. When such occurs you know that you are spiritually connected, for your souls are dancing in other realms celebrating this destined reunion.

When a relationship has all the above four connections you know you have found your True Love. Thank yourself for the amazing achievement and start enjoying the gift you have bestowed upon yourself. You surely deserve it.



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