The wandering warrior; Towards Realization

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Prologue: For years I have been trying to understand the concept called "The Wandering Warrior", the title that the chief Indian magicians - El Naguals – gives to those who explore the world of their inner psyche. What does it mean to be a mystic warrior? Why wandering? Where to? With whom? A warrior, by definition, gets involved in a war. So what war? Who is the opponent of the spiritual warrior? Is there more than one?

Many questions, as you can see, and hopefully in the next paragraph, I will provide few good answers for you. the dream says – "find the inner strength within you, not in your girlfriend".*


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A spiritual journey begins for most people without their knowing or consciously choosing of it. It is the unknown, the eternity that chooses for them. The infinity creates you, a soul fragment who has a unique personality and sets you free into the physical world. It leads, directs, supervises, but ultimately lets you make the choices. After all, you were bestowed with a free mind that sometimes is so stubborn and thinks it knows everything.

Some souls create unique personalities with a specific goal – to form the proper energetic venue, the necessary conduit, for the soul to enter the physical life and by that to experience it in ways that otherwise would not be possible. "Yeshua from Nazareth" was perhaps the most famous such personality. And such a person is called The Warrior.

In order for that venue to exist, a warrior must go through a psychic process in which s/he would assemble many soul fragments that have been wandering aimlessly for many eons. And here is where the "fun" begins.

The soul creates for its personality specific challenges and experiences, each presenting a chance to assemble another lost fragment. The big problem is that those fragments are not so keen at first to be assembled and prefer to keep their own identity and maintain their own agendas. Therefore, they would use any mean at their disposal in order to distract you – the personality – and to keep you away from fulfilling your soul's mission. If that sounds to you like the living version of the reality series "survival", then you are correct. It is quite similar, only here the prize is higher. I'll get into that at the end of my words.

Ways of seduction

The fragments which in reality are merely parts of your essence, an important point to remember, will seduce you, will tempt you and will use any physical mean to lead you away from your soul's desire. I have written in the past about seduction and here I will recap and sharpen the argument.

Check your current life's circumstances - what does seduce you? What pops up in your life every several weeks/months, that seems to be stronger than you; that seems to make you do things that are against your long-term benefit? Things that you know you will regret doing.

Here are the main ways by which your fragments might seduce you -

  • Money– constant activities that involve gambling, any act of crime to achieve money, use of power or manipulation to make other people give you money, personal and public corruption.
  • Sex– participating in unloving relationships, extensive use of pornography, engaging in abusive relationships (as the victim or the abuser).
  • Food – consuming extensive amounts of food, medicines, drugs, alcohol or other substances that directly hamper your physical well being.
  • Mental – excessive thinking processes, over analyzing issues at hand, always addressing your rational thinking to look for solutions.
  • Emotional– unbalanced emotional attachments to other people; constant feeding off of their energies; detachment from the physical reality and resorting to fantasies and fairytales.

Where in some fields the fragment's seduction may seem to be harmless ("where is the damage in thinking?", you may wonder) know that the impedance in your progress is no less valid. While other temptations may have an immediate effect on your physical body and hence promptly felt, here the influence will be firstly cast upon your psychological condition. It's no less valid though.

The average human being spends years and lifetimes trying to deal with his fragments. One lifetime they may devote to conquer the sexual temptation, in another the craving to power and abuse, but ultimately comes a lifetime – The Lifetime – in which the soul is ready and so creates a suitable personality to make the final leap. For many human beings, this final lifetime is happening right now.

Fighting or surrendering?

The Naguals claim that the best weapon that a warrior has is their self-discipline. Only with that, one can face the pulls and pushes of the eternity without decay and horror. And indeed, I have come to learn that there are two main approaches to handle the fragments.

But before describing those, I want to say some words about the middle way, the hiding. Some people confine themselves, sometimes already from birth, into closed fenced boxes, surrounded by high walls and restrictions that hopefully would leave the darkness outside. Such boxes are religious societies or any community that lives by strict laws that close down the human's spirit. Usually, souls recognize in advance the difficult conditions that such societies present and avoid sending the warrior personality into such. The soul does not want to waste energy if the chances for ascension are slim. The safety and protection that the members of such societies may feel are false. Their fragments do not disappear. They simply sit there, lurking for the right chance to come in and lure, either in this lifetime or the next.

There is really no point in fighting your fragments. You can try, of course, but eventually, you will come to the same conclusion. There is also no point to negotiate with them. As much as they are parts of you and want your attention and love, they must be put in their right place. If you fight them they will only get stronger and hold their agendas tighter. If you negotiate, they will think you are too weak, therefore not real, and therefore ripe to succumb to their temptations.

Seduction Vs. Living

No. the only way to handle your fragments is through your "I AM" essence. Years ago I have drafted the declaration of sovereignty which has been proved to be an efficient tool. It literally sends your fragments away and shows them who the master in the house is. The first step is to be aware; aware of the existences of your fragments. If you do not encounter them during your day to day experience then your dreams will provide you a closer look (for instance, abusive sexual dreams, lots of dreams about food feasts, disturbed sleep patterns, continuous tired mornings and more).

Once you are aware you will have to exercise self-discipline. Begin with your mind; don't let it drift away to the past or the future, aimlessly looking for new excitements and attractions for your bored thoughts. Focus in the now moment and from here expand your awareness. When you encounter an episode in your life that carries the familiar energy of temptation, exercise your discretion to decide whether it is a temptation or not.

Not every enjoying experience is a seduction. When you emotionally miss your loved one, for instance, it doesn’t have to be the result of an imbalance within yourself; when you buy a lottery ticket it doesn't mean you are addicted to gambling and a victim to one of your fragments. What matters is the appropriate balance and the kind of energy behind the deed. When you are driven by your inner heart, by the intuitive call that comes from your I AM essence, then you are on the right track. When your actions in life only ask to satisfy the cravings of your mind and body it means that your strings are pulled by a fragment. In time you will be able to easily discern between the two.

Is it easy to identify fragments? Sometimes their voices will be very loud: "take that money, no one will notice"; "accept the bribe, who will ever know?"; "tell her a lie, that you love her, and get her into bed"; "one last scoop of ice-cream, it would make your depression go away". Many of us have been there, haven't we?

Some fragments speak softly though; so softly that you mistake them for your own soul's voice. Here is an example – not so long ago I visited a certain financial institution. When I entered the lobby my eyes were drawn to a slogan that was painted on one of the walls across the big hall. The slogan read – "No Money, No Love". Now, think about it, it sounds so true, doesn’t it? It is very tempting to buy into that belief. After all, it makes sense, doesn't it? Look around you – rich people are loved, cared for, admired, respected. If you are rich people will want your company and some will be willing to give you everything, including their heart and body. Money can definitely buy love.

Or can't it? because the question though is what kind of love and whose? You see, there is a fragment within you that doubts, that will do anything to convince you that there is no such thing as a soul. That the I Am essence is not real. That you are alone and therefore you better use every means you can get to achieve the love you seek. Including money in our example.

It is quite difficult to quiet that fragment because the reality seems to backup its claims. Therefore, oftentimes your soul will be forced to lead you to lose everything. Only when one loses love, money, friends, power, influence, one would be willing to give up, to say – "Oh, I don't know what to do anymore. My life is collapsing, everything I do fails. Please god, if you exist, show me the way. Help me". Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Exactly here, at this point and no sooner, the doubting fragment loses its last grip on you and your I AM essence can come in.

Don't get me wrong. The key words are balance and appropriateness and not a complete abstention or more restrictions. You can be rich and spiritual; you can have intimate relationships and expanded awareness. In fact, the physical life goes hand in hand with the spiritual. But always focus on your I AM essence. Enjoy your wealth but don't get addicted to it. Enjoy the love and the intimate relationships but refrain from becoming a slave to your emotions. The I AM should be the focus, is the purpose.

How can you know if you became addicted? Fell prey to one of your fragments? Simple – it's never enough for you. The more money you have the more you desire; the more love you get the more you demand. The more food you eat, the hungrier you get. The more drugs you use, the more you need. It's never enough.

Ultimately you will realize that everything comes and goes through your essence and you have everything once you have your I AM.

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