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Hello there fellow steemer. I was watching your presentation video titled "Introduction to steemit" on youtube. Something you said stuck out to one of the main differences from facebook and steemit is the content of the posts....posts on f.b "surface stuff"

Its true....I had wondered about it but didn't really meditate on it until you mentioned it. Then I asked myself..."But why?" Why is it that when on f.b I....and many others avoid posting how they truly feel? Why do we only post "surface stuff".....when the majority of people on facebook are people that we know intimately or socially? Shouldn't it be easier to tell people whom we know how we feel?
Then it hit me like a steem train: It isn't. You see....we are afraid that those same people that we know will judge us for how we truly feel. So we write things depending on how we want others to view us.
So why is the opposite true for steemit?
Think of a psychiatrist.....a complete stranger yet people pour out how their feelings and thoughts to him or her...Why? Well because they are a stranger. Despite Steemits transperancy....most of us don't really know eachother and so we have removed that FEAR of what others may think of us and this has allowed us to express ourselves freely.
I am going to write a post on this soon which really drives my point home and how this lack of fear will affect not just steemers but the entire world....but I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this matter. Thank you all for your time