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Progressive standards of the industry of acquaintances and development of a society together with perspective project DatEat

DatEat - the world's first dating platform, which was able to correctly implement the principles and capabilities of Blockchain, cryptothermins and AI engine. The result of such comprehensive efforts has become a transparent, developed and safe environment for joint work around the world.

A key feature of the project is its rapid development. The sphere of acquaintance will be only the first step for the development of the platform, the basis for further improvement of the project. As in due course additional functional solutions and platform possibilities will be introduced, including the sphere of hotel and restaurant business, leisure, concerts, communication and travel.

As a result, on the basis of a single platform, all spheres and aspects of human activity will be united, making our life much easier and more comfortable for each participant of the industry.

Successful work of the DatEat platform in the rapidly developing industry

The project is focused on successful development in a rapidly growing industry, the market value of which is estimated at $ 5 billion. By 2020, the industry is expected to grow to around $ 7 billion.

Understanding and solving the existing problems of the dating industry

This industry today is one of the most extensive and rapidly developing branches of human activity, but so far we have to talk about a rather weak user experience due to two key disadvantages.

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the activity of scammers, the presence of counterfeit accounts, the risk of theft and misuse of personal data. Another characteristic problem in modern practice is quite weak, not sufficiently worked out algorithms of comparing interests and comparability among users.

This circumstance in practice often becomes a serious obstacle to finding the optimal potential partner, which naturally leads to a certain distrust of the modern dating industry.

The DatEat project works with the understanding and understanding of such problems, presenting for the development of the dating industry a unique concept for combining the best contacts, presenting progressive algorithms for comparing the necessary data.

The authors of the project are sure that the prepared concept will be relevant not only for the dating industry, but also for other industries useful to societies. For this, the principles of blockchain, smart contracts, own algorithm and perspective AI tools will be implemented.

Thanks to the work with personalized tokens, reliable monitoring and evaluation of the reliability of user data and the security of personal data are provided.

A well-known development team has prepared not just a product useful for the industry, but also confirmed prospects for further scaling. After the successful introduction of the functionality and capabilities of the system in the dating industry, in the future, a gradual transition to other sectors, including entertainment, hotel, restaurant business and other segments, is possible.

Main features and tasks of DTE internal tokens

The project will work with its internal DatEat (DTE) token, based on the progressive ERC20 standard for security and high transaction speed. An internal token will be used to solve a set of tasks:

-Conducting payment transactions - including payment for goods and services on 10 platforms that are part of the project's ecosystem. Already in the foreseeable future, the project has confirmed prospects for the successful expansion of the ecosystem, with the involvement of new platforms and additional partners for cooperation.

-Adjusting successful advertising among an actively growing user base.

Using a token within a community. Users will have the opportunity to earn promising DTE tokens thanks to the help of other community members, sharing topical ideas, tips and useful content with them. As a result, the large world community of the project will gradually expand, providing the necessary assistance and support for new participants, informing about the opportunities and advantages of the DTE strategy for the development of the dating industry and other segments of human activity.

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