#LoveMyBody | Sex + Body Positivity Q+A | Collaborative Video with @neeqi

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Hey beautiful beings,

Today’s video is a collaboration with @neeqi on a topic we are both incredibly passionate about which is sex + body positivity.

We wish to start an open conversation around the topic and encourage others to participate in creating a more positive and healthy outlook on something we believe doesn’t receive enough focus.

Neeqi and I have presented each other four questions to answer. You can find Neeqi’s answers to the questions I ask in this video and my answers to Neeqi’s questions in her video which you can find at @neeqi

Go watch the Neeqi's video here: https://steemit.com/bodypositivity/@neeqi/gvkt6evd

As we would like to keep this an open and moving dialogue we are going to tag three people each to continue the conversation.

All you have to do is answer four of the eight questions down below, hashtag #lovemybody and tag someone to keep the conversation going!

The questions @Neeqi asked me:

  1. What does body positivity mean to you?
  2. Have you ever dealt with a challenging situation in regards to your sexuality and how did you overcome it?
  3. Is there anything you do to help build up your confidence when you’re feeling low?
  4. What would you like to see change or implemented to help encourage more body positivity in society?

The questions I ask @neeqi are:

  1. How do you think social media positively and negatively influences today's generation when it comes to body image?

  2. Over sexualization as a business is a big problem. What can we do to change that stereotype? How can we look at the human body and not see only sex?

  3. Do you have different body standards because of your sexual orientation? How does your orientation affect your body image ideas?

  4. As "normal" people what can we do to help others love themselves the way they are and spread a positive idea that the human body is just a small part of what makes us human?

I’d really love to see all the different thoughts and feelings regarding this topic because body talk is something that involves us.

The three people I’d love to hear from are @tim.clarke , @slayerkm + @myndnow ! But you don’t need to be tagged if you’d love to just get involved.

Can’t wait to hear from you.




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Inspiring. So many people are miserable due to comparing themselves with false, arbitrary ideals. This is a great message.

So good to see that You like the idea and the conversation around it. Feel free to join in and record a video sharing with us Your point of view and thoughts about it. :) the more People talking about the more we all can learn :)

This is one of the topics we were talking sitting around the pit fire and having an amazing evening surrounded by fox family! Much Love to both of you!

Artakush knew he had something important to share with everybody, yet scratching his head did not help to remember... (This incident was captured in the bush)

Yeah good times. Good memories ehehhe :) but man feel free to join in and share with us your opinions as well :) just pick for of the questions and use the hashtag. All the other People out there dont know your thoughts about it ;) bring them on eheheh

High quality and useful video guys.

Thank you so much. Are you jumping in and joining the conversation? Will we get a video of Yours?

Maybe when I get back to the UK.

That sounds great :)

Heyja! You've got a upvote from @PRP-LGBT, the Curation & Magazine Account for content like yours!

@sergiomendes I hope your and @neeqi this conversion will bring brightness in future.

Thank you so much. Feel free to participate or even reply here on the comments to the questions :) thanks for your support :)

hey..neeqi nice to see you here..your question. so thoughtfull..abou this topic..

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