Love It Or Shove It Challenge Post

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@derekfreeman challenged me to do this post.

The Rules for the Challenge:
• List five things that you love
• List five things that you really dislike
• Use the tag #loveitshoveit
• Tag five people to participate, but anyone can join in. I am going to challenge:
@charlott @chrisee @cryptoriddler @introbot @liquifire

I Love...

  1. My children, their kids and THEIR kids. I have a great connection with my daughter and son. I wouldn't change them for anything in the world. I love them just as they are. Their paths have often been difficult but they have always managed to pull through, learnt and moved on. They each have accomplished great, difficult things which have made me so proud. And they are really good to me. I have learned so much from them! They challenge me all the time so that I keep growing with them. They are wonderful parents too!

I could write several books about them! @derekfreeman is my son.

  1. Johnny, my husband of 17 and a half years. He took on the challenge of a much older woman! We have 32 years age difference. I was terrified, I have to admit. He was too but he had determination and belief that this would work out. I did not have that faith even though I knew in my heart that he was the right one. The first 2 were not. He loves me. He loves my kids and their kids and has a good relationship with them all. He's my rock, especially now that I've aged and lean on him. He likes to be my support. We're good partners, yet, our interests in life are different. I'm Nature Girl. He's Geek Guy. Music? I love classic rock, he loves pop.
  1. Earth. I love Earth so much! I see God when I look at her. There is so much magnificence to this planet. So many rich gifts! So much magical abundance! So much choice for us! So much goodness! So much splendor! So much raw power! The artwork of Earth is indescribable, from the tiniest seed to the biggest mountains, from a single raindrop to the most massive oceans!!! I love and respect every pixel of this exquisite place! I am in awe of the Creator's gift to us.
  1. Flora and Fauna. Plants, animals, all wildlife and pets. I consider animals as equals to me: they inherited the earth too. This is their home too. A lot of my energy has gone into research on how to protect wild animals as well as caring for domestic animals. We have 3 cats. Birds and small animals know my backyard as the best restaurant in town. I'm open 24/7, rain, snow,hurricane or blizzard, always. And it's free!! During bad weather, I back my truck near to the feeder area and throw seeds under the bed so that they can eat in a protected area. They know my habits and watch for me. After I fill feeders, suet baskets, throw seeds down for ground feeders, they come swooping in and get busy munching.

Trees are my favorite plants. They are majestic and life-giving. I cry when I see them being cut down for selfish reasons or to make way for some unneeded project. They hold birds and animals in their branches, give us protective shade, give us oxygen, fruits, nuts and so on, ad infinitum. It's almost as if they had souls. I love them endlessly.

  1. Wonder Woman. No kidding! Wonder Woman is how I see myself when I am completely healed. A defender of life, liberty, children, animals, old people, rights of the oppressed, slayer of evil. Maybe in my next life???....

Things I really dislike:

1.Like Derek, I hate war! It is massive evil let loose on the world. Millions of people and animals are killed, whole forests are ravaged, homes and towns and cities are torn and burnt, the destruction is all encompassing and heartless. Young soldiers from both sides pitted against each other in constant terror. Those who survive come back home, if not physically damaged, have PTSD so severe that many kill themselves.

  1. I despise those who pitilessly abuse and kill children and animals. There are no words to tell you how I feel about this.

  2. In my own daily, personal life, I hugely dislike washing dishes. It takes me away from things I WANT to do, such as gardening, sewing, etc.

  3. Don't like cooking at all. Just growing the food. Let someone else prepare it.

  4. Cilantro.

I wasn't able to number the items properly. Even though they were done properly as I typed, they showed up incorrectly in the preview.

This has been a challenging project!

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