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A big thank you to @snowpea for organising this challenge. I was tagged by #vanessahampton.My entry goes thus:

-A GOOD SLEEP: I love to have a good uninterupted sleep after each day's activities. I sleep average of 9 hours and wouldn't trade anything for those hours.

  • FOOD: I am a big fan of rice and i eat it atleast 360 days in a year. I mostly prefer a white rice over any other form of rice.
  • PERSONAL HYGIENE: I despise dirty environment and im at peace with cleaniness. Dirts make me sick.
    -TRAVELLING: I enjoy being on a journey most especially a road journey where i would have opportunity of viewing landscapes,floras,faunas, hills, rivers and mountains through the window of the vehicle im travelling with.
  • WATCHING FOOTBALL : I love watching football matches. I enjoy watching English league, Spanish ligue, French League, German League etc. I am looking forward to watch all the matches in the world cup.


  • BAD WEATHER: I hate bad weather especially extreme sun and heat. It makes me sick.
  • LIES: I dont like lies and i would rather prefer the bitter truth than a sweet lie.
    -TOO MUCH NOISE: I detest noisy background when i' m sleeping or reading as it tend to interfer with my concentration and make me sick.
    -LATENESS TO AN EVENT: I hate being late to an event. It makes me feel uncomfortable and guilty at all time.
    -DARKNESS: I hate darkness as it gives me fear of an impending end of the world. I try as much as possible to stay away from darkness as im always with a flash light every night.
    I tag the following people
    @ prettyjules

Thank you for reading through.

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