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My name is jimmy and there is this girl I love so much her name is Eunice.
Sometimes ago I was in the bar ,chilling with my drink and i Iove being alone because it's hard to trust humans, then someone came and ask for a drink and I just said to my self let me be a man and get her a drink ,she laughed at me when I bought her the drink, I look at her face ,their was this smile she put on,that made my heart to start beating fast ,suddenly steamer took his place,I could not pronounce my words correctly ,why because she wasn't beautiful. Wasn't gorgeous but she was the mother of two daughters which names are beautiful and gorgeous, I just can't explain her beauty, she has this eyes of a cat ,with long black hair that rest on her shoulders ,she had great curves also, her lips were so pink and taste.
I would not lie,I was scared, totally scared and I thought to my self maybe she's a mermaid, her physical appearance, her smile, the tone of her voice all this made me fell in love at first sight. We introduced our self's exchange office cards and she left,I was deep in thought to the extent my drink fell off my hand ,steel did not know until the bar man touched me.
I got home so happy and said to my self I have fell in love,I called her immediately, and ask for a date for us to go out and she fixed the date so we went out,we talked about our self's so much,she told me what she loves,hate,her favorite food etc,but that not what made my day ,until she said she admirers me a lot,I felt so mad,you know we men we can't show our happiness just pride,so we started to know each order so much and she was posted to our company ,we got so close and I love her so much than my self to the extent I started calling people her name,it got so much that even in my speeches I say her name.
I did not want to be in a relationship to be in a relationship ,because I was not sure if she loves me or after my money or the popularity. I took a bold step, I asked her to be my girl friend and she said yes she will,I was so happy that night that we did romantic stuff's, but she wanted sex and I was not in for that,she really wanted it,but I said to myself I want to marry this girl I should not have sex with her until that day ,she was annoyed with me and I told her that am not a man that is all about sex but what I want from you is your trust, your loyalty, and especially your love.
She said okay she will give me all that,everyday I search for all of that but could not find such.I FELT INTO THE TRAP OF LOST NOT LOVE.
PLEASE UPVOTE AND FOLLOW ,I really need u guys comments and also check back for part 2of love life. #EUNICE.images (2).jpg


Lol.....She has the eye of a cat and u didn't run for your life

Man, she is gorgeous

will watch out for part 2. Nice story.

Thanks a lot, it gonna be so sad

Taught as much... Wanted to ask you if it was not a marmaid... Before I saw the exact lines... Will definitely watch out for part 2

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