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Who are we? What do we do? How do we do it? With a team with over a century of experience in the aviation industry...

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With a team with over a century of experience in the aviation industry, Love4Aviation has become one of the leading aviation consulting agencies internationally, and it is continuously setting the standard for quality service in the industry. Love4Aviation is a business that prides itself in providing professional and unbiased advice to clients.Our passion for exceptional service delivery springs from our founder who conceived the company after 17 years of service in the air force as an aviation engineer, pilot and flight instructor. His years of experience in the industry afforded him the initiative to set up a consulting firm that focuses on bridging the gaps between clients and suppliers a dynamic aviation industry. 


Love4aviation has earned its stripes by consistently delivering exceptional services to our customers and suppliers. Our responsibility towards our suppliers includes but is not limited to the transportation, assembly, certification and test flights of aircraft before delivery. Adopting a hands-on relationship with suppliers has afforded us a holistic advisory approach to providing optimal solutions for clients. In addition, establishing competencies across the entire general aviation industry has enabled us to gain creditability amongst international civil aviation regulatory authorities. 


As an organization determined to make a difference in the aviation industry, we employ the best hands to guarantee successful operations across all our service centres in Australia, France and New Zealand. These professionals are driven by a collective culture of delivering top notch services while consistently prioritizing integrity. Our team of seasoned account managers and communication experts work round the clock to maintain synchronised communication with our clients around the world. For us, Client is King, thus we’ve adopted a strong integrated communications mix that actively engages all stakeholders in a bid to ultimately deliver results to clients in a profitable and timely manner. Setting the bar for integrity, innovation and professionalism is a commitment that has enabled us to gain the trust of our clients.In order to reinforce our pedigree in an ever dynamic industry, it is important that we are constantly in tune with the trends of the market and the needs of our clients. With this in cognisance, Love4aviation invests bountifully in providing the best results for our internal and external stake holders. Our collectivistic culture allows us to be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization. We leverage our collective genius, which allows us to nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers. Together we create mutual and enduring value.For us it’s all about the having right paradigm; a focus on outstanding customer service. 

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