I am not a fighter, I am just a lover, but I will fight for something I love

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The struggle to build and preserve the essence of love, for love is not found but determined through the will to build. Words of Wisdom Love And Struggle of Life Just think about the phrase of the poet Kahlil Gibran, he once said that love is the unity of the soul that if it never existed then love will never be created. Meaning that before finding love, we should be able to build a soul match with someone we love.

True love does not necessarily mean unity, sometimes true love is separate but nothing changes

The sign of maturity is when someone hurts you and you try to understand their situation rather than hurt them back

Find love with heart not with eyes

Someone who really loves you will never make you go no matter what the situation

If something challenges you, tests you, and makes you fall, believe me that will make you what you want

Never cry for someone who hurt you. Smile and say "thank you" because he has given you a chance to find someone better

I finally understood that love is a concern for the happiness of others that is more meaningful than my own happiness

When you have found true love, do not intend to find it again. Hug and hold it while you still have it

Mutual understanding is when you tell each other things without secrets and without lies

True love is like a ghost. Everyone talks about it but few have ever seen it

Never leave a relationship for some wrong reasons. Remember that no one is perfect, no one is always right. Love comes to justify and perfect all mistakes and shortcomings

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your last line is ok.... love comes to justify..... please tell my ex that....
she leaves me after 4 yer relationship with a silly reason.... i fight against it with her family members but they result was negative all the time. and since 26th September, 2015 i could not manage to see her for a single moment....
i agree with your thoughts..... but sometime i think its better to leave someone that fight can not ever won her.

nice experience @bapin..
and how about your love now..? have you get another girl ? . that's word is suitable to your ex girlfriend not to you.. do not fight for impossible things, because that's impossible don't do thats..

Yes that's right I leave it to my fortune. And I tell all of my failures to god and beg to him. And I am still waiting of her returning though she got married.... ;p

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