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You’ve seen them girlfriends, or didn’t you!
You’ve maybe had one, or didn’t you!

They are the reason our young age flourishes into adulthood.

Here’s your story of the week:

Repost !!!

You meet this girl you both fall in love😍 months pass by you still going strong😍 she gets attached she calls you all the time double texts you makes you her whatsapp profile pic😊 she sleeps at your place whenever you ask her to💦 she does everything to make you happy she starts hearing rumors she confronts you.

You deny😢 she catches you with different girls😢you apologise and she forgives you😊 because she loves you❤.

She starts doubting herself feeling like she's not beautiful enough💔you cheat time to time💔again she fights for the relationship but later realizes she's fighting alone😢she walks away💔🚶🚶you don't even try to stop her because 500+ likes means you can get any girl you want👏👌a month later you're in a relationship with a beautiful and more curvy girl than her😍👊you take cute pics then post them with cute captions🙈🙈.

She finds out,it breaks her😢 coz you've never posted her pics nor made her your whatsapp dp💔she's still trying to get over you😢.

Your new girl cheated on you and decided to walk away🏃🏃. You move from relationship to relationship but they don't work💔.

One night it all comes back to you, you realize she was the only girl that ever loved you❤ the only girl that had your back your RIDE or DIE😍💏 you inbox her she blocked you coz seeing your pics with that girl broke her💔.

One day at the mall you bump into her😉she's still beautiful🙈you decide to talk to her telling her you're sorry but a guy shows up and holds her hand👫she tells you its her boyfie and they're here to celebrate their 2 years anniversary😍she's gotten over you she's moved on she's happy she found love❤🙈
It hurts doesn't it?

You didn't appreciate her then😒. Someone else walked in and treated her like a queen❤.

Now you're the one thats hurting😅😅you lost a diamond💎 while counting stones😓you wish you could turn back time and rewrite your mistakes😌you had a good woman but you were blind to see it😩you made your own bed now you gotta sleep yourself.

Facebook friend: Kabando Chronicles

From your friend @zahabu
#peace and #love

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