Our best moments for the last 8 months

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Hello, Friends!
Yesterday I decided to decorate a little our room.... It was not so easy as I thought.
I was looking for the photos on my lapto and found out that we travel a lot, but dont have enough photos together... So Ive mage the collage from those we have...
Here you can see =)


Budapest, Hungary


Lake Garda

Brussels, Belgium

Venice, Italy

with love,
Ms. J.

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Nice photos. So many cities visiting together, beautiful views)

  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulations for this great article and such beautiful photographs, and these 8 months of pure love,

I also see a lot of love in these images, besides being traveling with your unique love, it's great, congratulations @ yule4ka

Wow, beautiful photography. Loved it. Have fun and stay blessed. Following you to stay tuned for more..:-)


Thanks a lot! :)

Wow wonderful photography Thank you for sharing post


Thank you! Keep in touch :)