Feel the Censorship burn yet?

in love •  7 months ago

This happened to me in 2014

So I don't know if any of you run websites that sell "high risk" products, but if you do, you and I are used to the #censorship of Google/YouTube/Facebook. And now it seems like the Regular Folk are getting a taste of the game!
My traffic with https://www.vaporpalace.com dropped 75% in 24 hrs in Sept 2014 because of an algorithm change. All that hard SEO work that I paid for, GONE, just like that! And I've been struggling ever since. No more Google ads like the old days, no more just pay-per-click, HELL, even Constant Contact DOT com (an email service) won't even allow me to send out emails to my clients because I'm talking about CBD (how is that shit legal???!!!! ---spying what i'm writing before i even send it)


BUT That's why we have #steemit...so we can take a DEEP BREATH and take comfort in the fact that we have help from the community like @ganjafarmer (who I still have to return his call- sorry I was in the Ozone sauna when you called)

I don't know where this censorship is headed, but I hope we win!

Love you all

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