A fantasy trip.

in #love2 years ago

We were at home, with the warmth of the house,
 I did not feel rushed, so I only enjoyed you, your look, your shyness  next to mine, we shared the space we wanted so much, it was not easy to  break that shyness, but we did not do much.
We decided to make dinner, the kitchen was a small space, we took things  at the same time and our hands rub against each other, our eyes shout, I  approach you, I look into your eyes, my eyes go down to your lips  imploring that they meet with mine, you hug me and you trap me in your  heat and I get a red up, your mouth I hear my plea and softly approached  mine, I tremble, you tremble, but we do not stop, the longed, soft,  shy, warm contact I finally felt your breath in me, your lips in mine.
We return to the food, we have dinner, there is less shyness, we breathe  a pleasant atmosphere, the conversation flows by itself, you make me  feel calm, comfortable, what do we do now? We decided to watch a movie  that you chose, to each scene that we liked our eyes were, do not pay  much attention to the movie, I spent looking at you in every  carelessness and one or another stolen kiss, I did not resist anymore  and embraced you and so we we fell asleep.
I wake up first and I keep looking at you, your face relaxed, I brush  your face with my fingers as if wanting to engrave his touch on my skin,  I do not hold back and I give you a kiss, soft, I do not want to wake  you, but wake up you look at me, you take me towards you and you kiss me  again, I want to prepare breakfast but I'm very comfortable like that.
I'm going to prepare breakfast, we share some toast and coffee, I know  we are running out of time, I take the opportunity to look at you,  engraving that image in my heart.
Time is cruel sometimes and it went fast, taking our time together, I  quickly tell you that I love you, that I love you, that you have given  me the best hours, I kiss you the moment the alarm rings, awake, smile,  deep breath and I whisper to the wind, I wait for you in our next dream.

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