Symptoms of Love

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It's so amazing the things love does. You can see it vividly in God's love for the world, which drove him to send his son to come die for us. Many would want to ask how they would know they are in love. Hence, the reason for this post.
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The Symptoms
The Crazy Heartbeat
You get that fast heart beat like you just finished 100metres race. In fact, you will feel like you ran faster than Usain Bolt.
You would see yourself contemplating on what actions you should take, due to increase in adrenaline level.
Staring Contest
You stare at them for more than a minute like its just for a split second.
Now you understand why Adam paused for a while before calling Eve the bone of his bone.

Knowing the symptoms of love is not enough, do like Adam and move towards your eve. And for the ladies,make yourself visible for your Adam. That was the trick Eve used.

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I guess I am in love Mr Love Dr


Lol.. Very funny social icons