Don't settle for less

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I consider myself a somehow cheesy and old-fashioned girl in some aspects. I dream about the beautiful day I’ll wear a white dress walking through an isle, I dream about having a big family with three kids and I can’t stop myself from grinning when I read a man has changed his whole world to conquer the love of his life.

I do believe in fairy tales and in happy endings, I believe in true love.


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I am realistic and I know the real world can be really tricky, specially in our society when it’s easier to find someone looking for a single night stand than someone wanting to take you on a date. Maybe, to some, romance is ancient story.

But I believe romance is still alive. You just need to sparkle it. Romance is not receiving a bouquet of breath-taking red roses or a gorgeous or a really expensive diamond ring. Some people need those to feel they are loved or to prove their feelings, but romance goes way beyond that.

Romance is when you wake up every morning feeling grateful for having the person you love next to you. It’s sharing your last bite of your favorite meal with him even if he has already eaten his. It’s traveling miles away to be in his arms because you miss him badly. It’s being surrounded by people and feeling alone if he’s not next to you. It’s sharing your thoughts, your ideas, your bad jokes and even the gray zones you haven’t shown no one and you are afraid to show to yourself. Romance is spending a whole day together without getting bored, to dance till late to celebrate a new year and to celebrate 364 non-Saint Valentine’s. It’s to support, to help and to take care of each other. It’s alive in every single text saying I love you, take care, drive safe or I miss you. Romance is kissing good night every single day and sleeping spooning each other.

But romance is not only about the good moments, it’s in the bad ones as well. Those are the times when romance has to grow and to be stronger than obstacles. It’s when it has to forgive, to be kind and to not be revengeful. Romance is not to criticize or to judge. It’s to sit to talk after a fight, to put on the other’s shoes even when we are not truly convinced of their point of view.

I do believe in romance and I experience it every single time I see an elderly couple holding hands and smiling while crossing the street.


Photo by L- Ken on Unsplash

I want that kind of romance in my life. I won’t settle for less. You shouldn’t either…

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Awesome. you put down your thought through your pen.


Thanks so much for the comment. Writing is a way to let things go, to express yourself and to feel free.
I LOVE your comment!!!!


Absolutely true. ,😀