The Hardest Break Up

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How did you get over from your toughest break up?


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Love is full of ups and down. It's like a roller coaster. Love is never perfect. There will always be struggles. That's love and there is nothing anyone is gonna do about it. A lot unexpected things will happen.

I will share you a story of my Best friend.

She was just this college girl who fall in love with someone who she thought she was going to spend the rest of my life. She was really in love with him like more than anything in this world. She was dreaming for that relationship all her life. They have so many plans for the future. They were the most adorable couple in the campus. A relationship that envy by others. You can see in their eyes how much they love each other.

She really treasured their relationship. A perfect relationship is not actually perfect at all. He hurt her. Not just once , not twice but so many times. She keep on blaming herself. She said, "Am I not perfect enough?" , " I give all my best for this relationship" , "I sacrifice everything for him". "I invested so much time and emotion for this". And the guy finally decided to end their relationship.

My Best friend took the blame for almost 2 months. She's still hoping that he will have him back and just needed time and space. But that never happened.

And finally, she stopped. She was thinking to move on. I told her do not get wasted just because of someone. Especially if he is not worthy of your love, they will never be responsible of fixing us. They don't deserves our tears. It's his loss anyway.

Lesson learned form this, always feel good. Look good. Although it will take time to heal the wound but surely will be okay. You will find that good person in God's perfect time.

"The best revenge to your ex is to be a better version of yourself " ~ a quote from Neil Jed Castro.

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You're a good friend. Keep going.

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