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"Accept the things we cannot change, have the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference"
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We all have different looks & and our bodies change over time! We need to practice loving and accepting what is .. NOW!! (I don't know about you but I look back on pics on Instagram when they pop up and think '' Damn, I looked pretty good that time. but I always wanted to be better, fitter, leaner!''

As a friend put it once. if you are sitting on the couch and shoving yet another tub of ice cream down saying “people should love and accept me for who I am” then yes AND are you really loving yourself? Probably not. We are way more in tune than we realize and know when we are self-sabotaging our health and happiness.

If what you are doing isn’t working for you then maybe it’s time to try something different.
When we feel good inside we radiate that out on the outside and have more energy to give to the things that matter most. Your Intuition needs to become your best friend!

Thanks to Sarah Jane Blackah, this morning! You made my day!

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Followed your blog :)


Thanks, I really appreciate it.. especially because i just started!