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I realised I felt a bit calm and peaceful so its best I write with a rational head..
Letting go is very hard but I guess its a process I am now used to, I have gone through it too many times to count.
The hardest days are the first few days, those days when all you see and hear are about the person you have shared beautiful moments with. Nothing makes it easier so its always best to go through the process.
Usually I tell people to do anything they can to allow their system adjust to that period. If you need to delete pictures, songs, not go to certain places, just do it for your sanity.
Also, you would need to get engrossed in something, for me it has always been books and work and its pretty much what I am doing now. I dont care that I might not be as productive as I need to be but I would engross myself. Talk to other people, watch movies, eat junks, just take your mind off it all.
Trust me its hard but its not impossible.
Going through today was rough but it was a step towards peace.

I will be fine in the end..

Till next time


Big check, letting go someone we love is very hard process.

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