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So if I am going to do the venting and heart pouring stuff, I decided I might as well do it real and right..

C'mon let's talk about exes

Who else hates that shitty cycle of strangers-friends-lovers-friends-strangers? God knows I hate it so much. Its so painful when you get to know someone so well and talk every single day for a really long while and bam! Its all gone.
Y'all just say hi with no heart and secretly wish you don't see each other anymore. Its just so heartbreaking. Or worse still, you break up and become friends with benefits and you are like what's the point of it all.

I wonder how people deal with it but personally I have learnt to leave it to time, I know with time I will forget and I will be able to move on. But that works when I can convince myself I am better off without the person.

So what do you do to move on when you know you let go to protect the person from you, like you know the person will get hurt from being with you so you break up with a good person. How the hell do you make yourself move on?

Really quick, let me drop something; it really is not so cool dating someone you work with cos when you breakup its gonna be fifty shades of awkward..just a piece of advice..

Anyways, that's just what's on my mind right now about the battle of exes....

Sometimes being single might be the best thing for you....I don't think everyone has it in them to be in a relationship...

Till next time..

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