What A Good Family Entails

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Family is the union of loved ones. Family is the tree of life. No matter what a person may look like or what a person does, a good family is always there to support and correct where necessary.


A good, serene person's conduct can be traced to his background. Similarly, a negative influence to the society bears the image of his family as we all know that a bad tree can not bear a good fruit. In my own opinion and light of view, here are a few qualities a good family entails :

1. Love Begins At Home


There is saying that 'charity begins at home'. In the light of family, this is quite true. A man with lovable qualities must have been expressing it first at home. A good family teaches her members to live to their potentials. Such act of love isn't something special to the doers for it's a way of life and culture at home.

2. Trust Begins At Home


In all relationships, the solid ground it is being build upon is trust. If there is no trust, nothing stands. We are living in a world where earning trust is expensive. However, when it comes to family, you can always have someone to trust. You can always have a person to pour out your heart and never be afraid to betrayal or ridicule.

3. Influence Begins At Home


In order to change the world, you first change yourself, then your family, extend to your state, country, blah blah blah. The truth remains that the key influence in the world today started imparting their family first. Family isn't just a group of people, it's a union of one. Whatever thing or influence you have, your family are first to benefit--whether good or bad.


Family plays an important role in our lives. Good families make good society. If you don't have family, start one. If you have a good family, keep them. Ensure that your family is healthy, so that future generations would continue the legacy.

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Always hold strongly this lovely hand of family