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in love •  9 months ago

I made this out of play dough lol but this heart for everyone, including my followers and the people who I'm following! Love is for everyone.❤
Share it to people who you love and appreciate them for loving you back! :)

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Thats pretty sweet.
I can not pass your post, and when im opening this post, i just love it.
I dont know, i just love that heart.
Yeah this is orange heart, but still cute.
Never see orange hert before,
Cause usually that comes with read or pink color.
But this orang pretty awesome.
And where are you? Are you in hospital?
Im just guessing from what i see behind your hand.
I wish you get well soon if you are sick.
I can not wait to see your next post.
Thabk you for sharing friend.


Oh I wasn't sick :) I was in a car ride when I made this. Plus I only have orange playdough so I use that. It's ok if you can't share it, love is for everyone! ^.^


Thanks! :)

Aww that's awesome! You made that with your hands or used like a mold or something? I like it! <3


I made it with my hands :)


Wow its a really well shaped heart! And they say that your heart is about the size of your fist, so its about the real size of a heart too! Well I just looked it up, maybe a heart is as big as your 2 fists together. :-) Anyway, glad you made it and took a pic of it and posted it here. Resteemed to share the LOVE! <3



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