Our Valentines Day Dinner :)

in love •  last year

For Valentines Day we took the time to appreciate each other and spend some quality time together. We left work early, did a few errands and made it home with plenty of time to cook a nice meal together. The appetizer was vegan spinach dip, which was delicious! I'm going to try the recipe a few more times and post it in the future, it's so easy. The main course was mushroom fettuccine alfredo, with a side salad. Of course there were also many different wines to try, I love wine :)


The grand finale was dessert, vegan chocolate mousse! The recipe is from @deliciousplants and consists of only two ingredients! It was awesome, except I made it too chocolaty, who knew that was possible?


We had a lovely candle lit dinner and technology free night. It's always great to have a relaxing evening without distractions, that's true quality time. What are your valentine's day/date night traditions? I'd love to hear from you :)

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Looks like a fantastic treat @terril

I couldn't believe that the vegan chocolate mousse actually tasted delicious :P