Marry for love or money

in #love3 years ago (edited)

The first time you Marry for Love. I married for love and it’s going pretty well. We have been married for almost 25 years now. Together for 34 Years; yes I married my first love. The great part about marrying for love is that if you have kids they are going to turn out like you and like the one you love. So you will end up with amazing children who share the same qualities as you and your other half.
If for some reason this marriage ends. The second time you marry for money. The kids are grown. Go have some fun and travel the world with your other half and all that money.
If for some reason you marry a third time this would be just for compainship. You are probably in your 70’s by now and really just want someone who may be more like a friend.
Here’s hoping I’ll be married to my first love for eternity!
Peace & Love my fellow steemians. xo

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