Love Languages and how we apply them in our relationships.

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Intro: As partners/Spouse, we cherish it when we are been loved. Therefore, we must observe ways to show, apply or express this love.(Love languages)

Just as we communicate with several languages in the world today, we speaks, the other listens, we send, the other person receive. That's the same way we naturally give love in the way our partners prefer to receive love.

Sometimes, we read people's body language, when one shows care to his/her partner in love language, the recipient understands it straight away.

Love languages are languages used to express love to our partners/spouses and experience love from our partners.

This Concept "Love Language" is popularly known to be developed by Dr. Gary Chapman who is the author of 5 Love languages

I will use his five love languages but I will also add my own language😁 to make it six just for the purpose this post. (Mine will be number one).

5 Love languages according to Dr. Gary Chapman + mine(The first point) = 6

1.) Relationship with God: This is the kind of love language we ought to express to our partners. You may ask me how? In our several relationships, we all know that the spirituality of the male and female varies, it's not the same, the Lady can be 🔥 hot while the Man is cold/weak spiritually and vice versa.
If you love your partner, you won't let him/her go astray, rather you will speak this language of love for him to have good relationship with Christ.
You can do this by always looking for Heavenly things, praying and reading God's words(Holy Bible), by so doing he/she learns from you. You can also do this by teaching your partner to know more about God, Reiterate the commandments of God for your partner so that it will be ringing in their brain and tell them that "God so loved the world that he gave his only Begotten Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life"[John 3:16]

2.) Words of Affirmation: This is expressing affection through praise, flattering or appreciation. According to Dr. Chapman, this language uses words to affirm other people. People like words like "I love You" and other compliments.
Negative or insulting comments cut deep, and won't be easily forgiven.

3.) Acts of Service: Here, Actions speaks more than words. Actions, rather than words, are use to show and receive love.
People who speaks this language of service want their partner to see that their life is rough and help them to smoothen it in any way possible. Lending a helping hand shows you care.

4. Receiving Gifts: Gifting is Symbolic of love and affection. Dr. Chapman says for some people, what makes them feel most loved 💘 is to receive a tangible gift. (Just like Davido bought Porsche to Chioma as a birthday gift😅)
This doesn't necessarily mean the person is materialistic, but meaningful or thoughtful 🎁 present is what makes them feel appreciated.

5.) Quality Time: It's all about Expressing affection with undivided, undistracted attention. Unlike the words of affirmation, talk is cheap, but quality time is what that is needed.
Distractions, postponed dates, or failure to listen can be especially hurtful to your partner. Being there for them is important!

6.) Physical Touch: In this love language, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch. That doesn't mean in your bedroom ooo(Singles take note 📝) Then for our Married daddies and mummies; It's not only in the bed you speak this language of physical touch.
Everyday physical connections like: Hand-holding or any other moral affirming physical contact is greatly appreciated.
Getting that little Touch does make your partner feel safe and loved.

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