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images.jpgEvery person has individual ideas about the best qualities that a potential partner should possess and which qualities worth compromising.

It is important we know those qualities for a potential partner that are essential which will enable/help us in choosing rightly and make the right choices.

For those that have gone far in their relationships, these qualities makes them to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

To achieve/possess these qualities, we need to leave our ego behind and act in the best interest of your partner/relationship rather than just your self.

A potential partner can be found in someone who has developed themselves in certain ways that go beyond the surface.

Many of us have list of attributes that defines our partner, from general traits like Smartness, Kind, funny, adventurous, understanding -to specific skills and interest like good cook, loves sport, politically active, brave etc.
But we often realize that we can't find everything in one person, therefore we compromise.

Essential Qualities for a Potential Partner

1.] Integrity:
Love is hard work, and only someone with a strong character is well prepared to handle it's challenges.

Look for honesty tempered by compassion, reliability, dependability. Your partner should not make promises lightly. When a promise is made, he/she should do everything in their power to honour that promise.

2.] Maturity:
Maturity is not all about being grown up, it's not even a matter of not acting like a kid anymore, but it means making an active effort to recognize and resolve negative influences from our past.
When we are mature, we develop strong sense of independence.

3.] Stability:
Stability is crucial for a potential partner. Some common types of stability are; Financial stability, Job Stability, and Emotional stability. You need all three to feel secure, or you might prioritize one or two.
People who are unstable in every aspect of their lives, however tend to have unstable relationships as well.(Some will be moody, touchy and quick to anger)

4.] Commitment:
Ability to think and plan about the health and future of your partner instead of just your own. You're likely to take more constructive actions and behave differently.

5.] Honesty, Self disclose, Openness:
Willingness to share with your partner what is going on, no matter how ugly. You can't hide behind lies and deception if you're a potential partner. If you're the type that hide things too much then it's going to be hard for you to feel safe.

You should be able to reveal parts of one's inner world to someone else.

Keeping secrets, hiding thoughts and behaviours and glossing over difficult circumstances rapidly reduce trust that is important in a relationship.

6.] Empathy:
Ability to put yourself into another person's(your partner) shoes and connect with emotions.
In another words, it's the Ability to understand your partner's feelings.

7.] Trust:
Trust is coming to play again after our previous topic. You have to be willing to trust your partner not only with your feelings but with your weaknesses.
You must learn trust at the emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

8.] Goals:
Goals are the way that we keep our lives on track and moving forward. Without goals, people tend to stagnate and regress.

9.] True Generosity
Should be able to offer unconditional help when you are in need. It doesn't necessarily mean only material things, but must be generous with time, attention, love, dedication and assistance.

10.] Determination:
A person's determination to create his/her own successful path in life will affect relationship positively.
Be with someone who not only strives to provide a good life for both of you, but also encourages you to live out your mission as well.

11.] Ability to Get on with your family:
Family have your back more than anyone else, so they can sniff out a bad partner from a mile away. If they approve yours, everything in your life should be ten times easier.

12.] Genuine interest:
Not only asking "how are you " but caring more and making efforts to understand you more.

13.] Appreciation/Happiness:
We take things for granted a times but that should not be the same to our partner. Always know that your partner is valuable to you.
Partners who stay together, appreciate each other and compliment each other. Ability recognize what your partner is doing and let them know that you're thankful for it.

14.] Acceptance:
Ability to accept your partner unconditionally; behaviour, flaws. Accept them completely.

15.] Ability to take responsibility:
It means owning your actions and decisions. It doesn't mean inviting blame for everything that's going on around you.

Personal responsibility is absolutely essential skill or quality for both you and your partner.

Things will go wrong no matter how hard you try, it's critical to pick someone who will feel some ownership over what went wrong. If not you'll end up in the blame game. Blame is a major relationship killer.

16.] Always be there (Present):
You'll achieve knowing and caring through lots of little moments of being there for each other.

17.] Ability to reciprocate:
Simple to give someone their moments and take your own moment. In another way; Ability to let your partner be the focus (at certain moments) and also let yourself be the focus(at other moments).

18.] Similarity:
You should seek someone who is similar to you.
A large body of research shows that we are attracted to people who are similar to us, especially those who share our attitudes and values.
Similar partners are happier because they share similar tastes, interest, expectations, foods, movies, hobbies, prays together, work etc.
Ambition: Always be on the move for that new expression.

19.] Kindness, loyalty and understanding (not looks, status excitement):
Ability to treat your partner well. Research found that those whose partners meet their ideals in terms of Warmth and loyalty are more satisfied with their relationship.

Also, having a partner who fell short on attractiveness, status and excitement did not affect satisfaction if that partner was also high warm, kind and loyal.

Thanks for reading.

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