Love of pain

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The story I write starts in January 2007. A girl loves a boy very much. The boy's name was Niaz. The girl's real name is not given to her, so she gave another name to the girl named Nishi. When Nishi falls in class 8, a boy from his school would love to be very much. Who is the boy and the first one in January 2007 At school, the game was running. When he saw Niaz in the middle of sports, he liked it. And one day and if she did not see her going to school, she would have felt very bad. But never dare to tell Niaz. The most interesting thing was that he did not know the real name of Niaz first. And Nissi thought Niaz was also at the Buzz class 8 but it was wrong. Niaz was in class 10 when he could see Niaz, when he saw Niaz and saw the results of the test. But he is a little sad but he accepts. He can not talk to him much by trying so much but he can not. One time he went with XM from the school. One day before the results, he saw Niaz on the road. But could not speak. Niyaz gave the result. He got GPA 5 in S.S.C. Nissi is very happy to hear results. Niaz took Edison to the collage. But Nissi could not speak. After that one went to 2008. Seeing Nissi Niaz in June 2009, beside Nishi's house. Then Nishi could talk with Niaz with much courage. On that day, the phone number was received. Then Nisha Niaz talked with the phone. And he wanted to mean that he got him. And Niaz could also go. Then Niaz tells Nissi who has his GF. So many nissies are broken. And nightlife cut many tears. But make yourself strong. That way Niaz might lie. But one day Niaz talks with his GF. Then Nishi believes that there is GF of Niaz. But he did not understand what to do. Then he told Niaz one day. Then Niaz said, look, you have got me so much, but now I do not have anything to do. Because I'm another person with a relation. Nissi I know you're in relation. And I do not want you to leave him and come to me. Can you keep me as your good friend ?? Then Niaz is right. I'll keep it. Well, best friend. By 2010, this has gone. Niaz does not give HSC exams for one reason. His GF gave H.S.C that time. Niaz gave H.SC in 2011. In 2010, Nissi gave H.S.C. in 2010. And Nissio gets GPA 5. Nissi was very supportive in Niaz Palekhakhya. In 2011 The trouble started in their friendship. Niaz's GF Niaz had to deal with the issue with Nissi. She thought that Nishaj would take Niaz from him. But he never thought about Nisha. Nishi told Niaz's GF. But he does not believe. The last one would have been bogged due to the sight of them. Therefore, we have no need to keep our friends. Then their favorites and ending in 2011. Nishi was like a madman. Then talked to GF of Nissi Niaz. Niaz's GF used to abuse him a lot. But Nissi said you can speak up as a big sister. But at one time he also ended this with Nishi. Nissi has broken a lot. Nishi still receives Niyaz today because it was Nishi's first gain. Nishi could not forget him. Nishi can not even understand what to do. He knows no profit, Niaz remembers ............ But he can not be seen .....................

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