Love story By Story write part 3

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When the teacher was in love still she was not able to make any relationship with the student !

Some week later the teacher had some health problem and she went for her routine tests and the result was very shocking she found the result that she had HIV(AIDS) , When she hear the result she was not sure how she got such problem and why she not found that in her back tests and suddenly it was done to her!

She came back to home and she was very sad and was crying alot , Here husband was not in realy love with her wife and he ask her why she is not feeling well what is problem with her and why she is crying so she replied that she is very sick and she is close to death, She show here reports to her hubby and she said i am not sure why i got this problem!

Her Husband told her that you must have some unusual activity with someone that's why you have such problem started and he treated her very badly she went to the room , After few days she saw some reports of her husband and she come to the conclusion that her husband was sick and she got this problem from her and he is blaming her for no reason and just wanna get rid of her !

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She directly went to her husband and ask for divorce As she knew that her husband is blaming him and he has the problem and it was transferred from him to her and now she know that how much he cares about her ,

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