Two gun shots in the Neighborhood

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It's a story about a family in small town. It's middle of the winter night, everyone reaching home as early as possible to hide under the blanket to protect themselves from the cold weather. So this small family also finished their dinner and trying to go to bed. Exactly 12 Am on the clock, neighbors heard the gun shots. Everyone thought that some smugs are trying to rob. They called 911. Inspector arrived to check where those gun shots came from. He is patrolling everywhere around the street and he found out the beautiful house with some broken windows. He found that house is little mysterious, So he walked inside the house and found two people with bleeding blood on the floor. He called the ambulance but they are already dead by then.

On the next day this house is protected and ceased for the enquiry of the death. Time flies by …. After few days there are 3 children looking for the address on the same street and they are asking people in the neighborhood about the address of a house and the address was the house where two people shot to dead, few days ago. Neighbors called 911 again, Inspector arrived and asked those children like why they are asking for the ceased house address and what is the purpose. Children said they are my parents and they shown the proper ID. Inspector believed, took them to the ceased house and he asked them to take everything from the house. Children walked inside the house with tears in their eyes, Spent some time there, after 2 hours they came out and asked police men to lock the house again.

Inspector asked them again in case if they need any help since he thought that they would have collected the money and jewellery. Children said that they didn't take single penny from the house but they took the toys their parents gave, photographs they all snapped together when they were happily living together in the same house before. And they said that " We came here for only toys and photographs, because this is the place where our mom took care of us right from the birth, this is the place where our dad taught us to walk and this is the place where we all played and spent quality time. Our parents gave enough of money to sustain in life, So we don't need this and please give this money and jewellery to the charity and homeless people "

Inspector got tears in his eyes because of the reply they gave to him. They knows the real meaning of love, That's called true love. Money can buy love, but it can't buy true love. People might love you because of something in you but only parents can love you unconditionally without seeing and expecting anything from you. Your partner might not love you as much as your parents do but if she or he loves you close enough to your parents then she or he is a keeper, I mean the true love mate.

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